I see you

Straight through all layers.
I see who you are in your essence.
And I’m here to assist you in strengthening the connection with your innate life force – your essence.

Dear Beautiful You, welcome!

My name is Sandra de Vos, originally from the Netherlands and currently travelling to different places in the world, following my inner compass. I experience life as a journey of discovery and in my personal story you can read how my journey has unfolded to where I am now.

Photo: Kayden Radhe

I’m here to assist you on your personal journey of inner discovery. I take you on a multidimensional journey through your subconscious, using cosmic sounds, light language and light codes. It's a transformative process that reaches the deepest layers of your being. It helps you to re-connect with your multidimensional self and integrate the light into your body.

I do this through one-on-one sessions (in person as well as online),  online transmissions, several online series, Mother Earth Speaks and the new Light Code Meditation Mats.

Upcoming transmissions:

Online Tibet Equinox transmission LIVE FROM LAKE MANASAROVAR & MOUNT KAILASH IN TIBET. This Guided Light Code transmission took place on September 23, 2023. Theme: 'New chapter & new adventure.'

Online 9:9 Portal transmission. This Guided Light Code transmission took place on September 9, 2023. Theme: 'New chapter & new adventure.'

Light Code Meditation Mats
CENTRAL SUN mat is now available!
Your sacred YOU space

The brand-new CENTRAL SUN mat is now available! Imagine the Light Code Meditation Mat as a cosmic portal in your home. A charging station if you will. Stand, sit and sleep on it and you enter into a powerful field of divine love. It's Your Sacred YOU Space in which you can re-align and center yourself, drop into your heart space and raise the frequency of your precious body (making it more crystalline). Anytime of the day. Read more.

BLOG: We made it! Mount Kailash Kora, a journey to always remember.

Lees blog in Nederlands.
Alright where to start… I’m back from the Kora, the 3 day circuit hiking around Mount Kailash. Awe and satisfaction describe how I feel. Well prepared we, Dhala (guide), Bhuti (driver) and I, embarked on this endeavour. Together with many other Tibetan (and some Chinese) pilgrims we threaded the sacred path. Even though Mount Kailash was my main attraction, I think I was quite an attraction to many people along the way, since I was one of the only non-Asian that showed up on this Kora 😁. Some would turn around, stop and stare at me. So funny.

Instead of having a good sleep the night before, I stayed awake most of the time, receiving information on what was about to happen during the upcoming three day journey. As often, the messages were quite cryptical but it was just enough to be of useful guidance for this mission. Clouds were covering the sky during the first hours of our hike. Kailash didn’t show her/himself. Not even a little tiny bit. Hmmm interesting. As within so without… “So what is the cloud inside of me?” Read more

Blog: On our way to Mount Kailash.

Lees blog in Nederlands.
Even though today (September 17, 2023) is the 6th day of this Tibet adventure, it feels like we have already been on the road for a month. Surrounded by a beautiful diversity of mountains, it seems like the five Tibetan ‘eightthousanders’ in the Himalaya are powerful ancestors holding the space for the three of us: Dhala my guide, Bhuti the driver and myself. These two man are true earth angles, wow, such a lovely people!

Like I wrote before, two years ago I received Mount Kailash’s invitation to come for a visit. How exciting! In November last year, while patiently waiting for the right timing, I got the message that I was supposed to go in September 2023. Back then it was not possible yet to travel to Tibet without complicated travel restrictions, but I knew that if I was meant to go, all restrictions would be lifted and I would be able to easily flow from Holland through China to Tibet. And that’s how it happened. It was quite something though to arrange my Chinese visa and Tibetan permits. I now understand that only 30% of the visa requests from Western people are admitted. But again, throughout the whole process I knew that if I was meant to go, it would all work out well and with ease and grace. Read more

England & Scotland Series
Heart opening journey into cosmic love

Exploring the wondrous worlds of England and Scotland is a profound heart opening experience. The mystical sacred sites, often built on ley lines and other energetic power spots, facilitate you to enter into the infinite cosmic realms that exist inside of your heart. These cherished lands together with the fairies, dragons, giants, Master Merlin and countless other fascinating beings are here to work and play with you to dis-cover your inner ‘effortless lightness of being’. In this state you flow in sync with the elements of life and feel an equal part of divine existence. This magical world is so very real. Read more.

Egypt Series | part 1
Re-activation of our ancient future

What a journey! I’ve only been in Egypt for one week and so much has happened! It all started with the 44 million year old whales in the Valley of the Whales, Wadi el Hitan. They had told me to first come to them, before doing anything else in Egypt. We travelled into a hall of records where they received me (and everyone listening to the transmission in the future) and shared their hidden wisdom. Then the magic started on Giza Plateau: a plasma pyramid, beams from the top of the pyramid, ground cracking open, vortices, Isis, Lion beings guarding the operation, light ship underneath the plateau. And all of that as a preparation for the final part of the mission: the transmission between the front legs of the Sphinx. In between all of this I went into the Sahara for two days and was able to connect with the precious Crystal Mountain and Black and White desert. My heart is wide open and I wish you the same. May these transmissions touch you deeply. That’s what it did to me too. Read more.

Blog: EGYPT | Between the front legs of the Sphinx

Lees blog in Nederlands.
This upcoming Monday I’m going to do something quite extraordinary. Since the beginning of January I’ve been receiving several visions and experiences of me sitting between the front legs of the Sphinx. Every time I it happened, I felt a warm wave of unconditional love flying into me, blowing my heart open. The Sphinx kept showing himself to me. Yes, now when I look at the Sphinx, she looks more feminine, but the energy that I keep feeling when we connected was pure divine masculine. I feel that the Sphinx is guarding the main entrance to the entire underground metropolis underneath the Giza Plateau. And I think that that entrance is exactly between his legs.
Continue reading.

Blog: EGYPT | Pyramids & Sphinx

Lees blog in Nederlands.
After weeks of preparation I’ve arrived! Egypt is here. It’s early morning and frrreezing cold. “Welcome back,” Adel Real King greats me wholeheartedly while giving a warm hug after I arrive at his guest house (Pyramids Overlook Inn). In no time he wraps me in warm and comfortable blankets making me feel like a queen and a living mummy at the same time. The sun is about to rise, everything is silent and my jaw drops… Here they are, the Great pyramid, the second and third pyramid (and the 6 smaller ones) combined with the royal radiance of the Sphinx. Right In Front Of My Very Eyes… Just at a 200 meters distance. Continue reading.

Hunebed Series
Deep power awakens

The journey continues and the mission gets clear along the way. I will be visiting all 54 Dutch Hunebeds in the next months (or years?). They all want to be reconnected back to the collective grid, exactly how it used to be thousands of years ago. I see a web that consists of dots of light and lines connecting all these dots. The lights are switching back on one after another and the lines in between will be able again to transfer powerful energy back and forth between the dots. Just like a nervous system. To me this web looks even like an immense living being that is in the process of awakening again after a long and deep sleep. If this being awakens, the innate power will be noticed throughout the cosmos... Read more.

Light Code transmission - Hunebed Havelte

Closing the portal of the downfall of Atlantis

One-on-one sessions
Multidimensional soul journey

I'm available for one-on-one sessions in person (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) as well as online. Read more

Vlog | Mysterieuze zwangerschap en multidimensionale geboorte (Dutch)

Vlog | Mysterious pregnancy and multidimensional birth (English)

Blog 1 | Es Vedrà and closing the portal of the downfall of Atlantis

Es Vedrà and I have had a deep connection since May 2016. When I saw ‘him’ for the first time (knowing nothing about it) I burst out crying, saw orbs flying above in all colours of the rainbow and dolphins were swimming around it (still not sure if they were actually physically there though ;-)). In that moment I received visions of ancient times where everything was going down into the water. A total collapse. It was then that I discovered that Es Vedrà is an immense multidimensional portal connected to the old civilisation of Atlantis. And I knew I was involved in some way. Read more

Blog 2 | Tanit Cave – The Closure

Today was the real closure of the portal to the downfall of Atlantis. I went to the cave of Tanit (Cova Es Culleram). When I went there in 2017, I couldn’t really feel the beauty and power of the place. I mostly experienced dark energies. I knew that the cave only mirrored what was going on inside of me, showing me that there was still some work to be done .

Today it was different. Totally different. The whole place looked bright and clean like a sparkling crystal temple. Read more

A sacred space for a personal, planetary & cosmic clean-up

379 Guided Light Code Meditations
Imagine a warm cave with a fire in the middle. It’s symbolic for the high frequency sacred space in which swirling vortex is spiralling around, vacuum cleaning anything that is ready to be released. It’s in this sacred space where you can sense the whirls of sparkling energy and the refined rays of multidimensional light. It’s this sacred space that offers you the opportunity to let go of your fears, dissolve your resistance and surrender to your deep inner power. This sacred space is a grounded base for high frequency beings to assist us in moving into the next stage of our existence. It’s this sacred space that is powerful as a bulldozer and soft & subtle as a new born baby. Read more


"Tears trickled down my cheeks. Touched in my deepest being. Your sounds make me remember, this is home." - Irene

Read more experiences of people that went before you.

Red Rock Series (online series)
Ancient portals to multidimensional realms

This Red Rock Series is about reconnecting with our Native American ancestors and retrieving the memories of our own indigenous roots. The wise elders are and have always been a bridge between our beloved Mother Earth and the multidimensional wisdom from the cosmic realms. The red rocks are keepers of these precious frequencies.

Among other things we join Cosmic Council meetings and journey together into Inner Earth. A Native Indian man guides us through portals and leads us into the worlds inside the red rocks. And at the end... the red dragon is released! Read more

The Path of the Feminine (online series)
Guidance from beloved SOPHIA | MARY | GAIA

These Light Code transmissions take you on a journey through the different phases of Loving Harmony, Loss of Connection, Recovery to the Divine Plan and Living your Souls Mission. Let yourself be guided by three prominent representatives of the Divine Feminine: Mother Sophia, Mother Mary and Mother Gaia. They take you by the hand and share the collective memories of the path that every woman and every man has endured. This assists you in retrieving deep inner trust and honor to the Sacred Mother. She who resides in the depths of your being, providing life-force and nurturing you on a souls level. Read more

Mount Shasta Series (online series)
Mystical wonders of a magical mountain

I am so happy to present the Mount Shasta Series to you. It is very dear to my heart. The time that I spent in the Mount Shasta area has brought me an immense upgrade on many different levels. And I felt you were with me all along. I would sit at the fire place, sharing my deepest intentions and I would invite you to do the same. I would throw whatever I energetically didn’t need anymore into the fire and I asked you to that too. I prayed for you, I’ve seen you in my dreams and you were with me during my meditations. We were on this journey together and I will always cherish that in my soul. Read more

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I deeply enjoy the magic of life and that’s my wish for you too.

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