Clearance & Alignment Subscription

Clearance & Alignment Subscription

Keeping your ground solid and your energy field clear.

Every Wednesday you receive a 15 minutes audio-transmission filled with cosmic sounds and light language. You can listen to it as often as you want.

It facilitates you in clearing your pathway. Step by step lower frequencies are being transformed and higher vibrational frequencies enter into your daily life.

The voice of your subconsciousness

While recording a Clearance & Alignment audio-transmission, I connect with the subconscious of every participant in this group and invite his/her hidden aspects to come to the surface. Those hidden aspects (lower frequencies) that are ready to be transformed, move through 'me' and can then merge with the light. During this transformation process a wide variety of sounds and light language come through my voice. You could see this as if your previously resisted aspects have the space now to express themselves through my voice. That can bring a sense of freedom and relief.

Besides, I connect with the cosmic energies of that specific week and focus on the integration and grounding of those frequencies.

Experience Ymkje:

"I experience the Clearance & Alignment program as very supportive. It helps me to stay more grounded and relaxed while moving through processes of deep transformation. The transmissions feel like a soft & subtle catalyst. So nice!

One time a transmission brings me relaxation and I fall asleep for hours. The other time after listening, I can connect deeper with the core of a process, a tight energetic ‘knot’ starts loosening, insights come in and my heart is overflowing with love.

It helps me again and again to experience the connection with All and Everything.”

The weekly audio-transmissions contribute to:

  • Transforming old belief systems and dysfunctional mental programs
  • Detoxifying your physical body and activating your lightbody
  • Retrieving your sense of self-empowerment
  • Strengthening inner trust, peace and awareness
  • Nourishing your heart with love and peace
  • Aligning with your inner guidance
  • Better energy flow of your chakras
  • Balance in your feminine and masculine energy
  • A clear mind
  • Staying grounded in these sometimes dynamic moments of energetic expansion.


Here you can read experiences of people who have gone before you.


Experience the effect and pay € 11,11 for your first month.*
€ 22,22 every month. € 55,55 when you pay quarterly and € 199,99 for a year.

  • The € 11,11 discount is automatically calculated in your first order.
  • You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. (If you do so, make sure you do it before the next automatic renewal date).