DETOX Intensive

DETOX Intensive (30 days)

Clearing your blockages so you can fully receive what life has in store for you.

This is an online 30-day intensive journey with yourself. You start this series whenever you want. Every day you have access to an audio transmission of cosmic sounds and light languages. While you lie down comfortably, let yourself be carried by the colorful cacophony of multidimensional healing sounds.

'Light therapy'

The focus of this series is to clear up blockages. Period. Both toxins in your physical body and unconscious sabotaging beliefs and dysfunctional patterns that stand in the way of letting life flow effortlessly. Accumulated stress and associated physical tensions can also be given the space to discharge and relax.

During this DETOX Intensive, your entire being is intensively flushed with light every day. Yes, you can see it as light therapy. The high-frequency energies move like laser light rays through resistance layers. Each sound journey helps to transform deeply rooted 'old' energy at all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. Lower vibrations then no longer fit in an increased vibrational environment. In this way, space is created to allow your vital energy to flow even more, so that you attract into your life what makes you happy and what keeps you happy. *

When I was guided to set up this transformational series, I saw that it can certainly be also very helpful if you have undergone chemotherapy, radiation or anesthesia, have used antibiotics, drugs or other medication. *

You can start whenever you want

You receive 30 audio transmissions with cosmic sounds and light languages which were recorded during the live sessions. You'll automatically tap into the vibratory healing field that has been created during the live session.

Multidimensional intelligence

The energy that is transmitted via the various sounds in the transmissions is very powerful. You can listen to it as often as you want, follow your inner guidance. The sounds have their own multi-dimensional intelligence, so 'they' know what is needed in your energy field. Surrender (as much as you can) and let the 'work' be done. Every time you listen to a transmission, you might have a completely different experience.

The intention of this DETOX Intensive is to bring movement, liberation, healing and insight into the following:

  • Release of blockages, both physically and mentally and energetically.

  • Unraveling one or several situations in your life of which you just cannot understand why they are still the way they are. You know there is another way possible, but until now you haven't been able to reach and connect with the depth of the solution.

  • Transforming the subconscious resistance to your self-healing potentiality and expanding your own capacity to bring inner harmony.

  • Clearing up sabotaging beliefs and dysfunctional mental patterns. This way you can stay in the role of an observer more easily and change your behavior into a more loving way of living.

  • Pealing off illusionary layers that have covered your sense of self worth, so the Treasure that you are can come out of its hiding. That way your inner flow will guide you in the direction that brings you more joy and inspiration and raise the collective consciousness.

  • Allowing the grip of the mind to soften, so that you feel safe enough for vulnerable feelings to rise to the surface. This way those feelings and emotions can express themselves without any pressure or judgement and be released automatically.

"After one week of detox sessions, I gradually feel a new form of consciousness emerging. I walk the streets and paths of this world as if it were the last time and I found complete resignation in this. The sounds, smells, colors and feelings, everything feels more intense. I am probably returning to my original form after releasing all the old layers. I can't wait what else is coming." Mike de Visser

You receive

  • You receive access to this 30-day online series for an unlimited period. After completion of the series, you can decide yourself if and when you want to repeat it.

  • In addition, you receive a longer audio recording every day with the successive transmissions that took place up to that point. So if you are at day 15, for example, you will receive an audio stream from the transmissions of day 15 to day 1. On day 16 you will receive an audio stream from day 16 to day 1 and so on. In this way, you can easily listen to multiple transmissions.

  • Every day, you receive two light code drawings. The symbols are a vortex in themselves and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity. You can print the drawing or set it as background image on your phone. Carry the drawing with you, sit on it during your meditation and/or place it under your mattress at night.

  • You are welcome to share your experiences during the series or email me when you have questions about your process.

No matter how busy you are, if you feel attracted to follow this series, I’m sure you’ll be able to fit these 15-minute transmissions into your daily routine: in the morning after waking up or before you go to sleep or maybe both. You gradually discover what suits you best.

"With every cell in my body, I'm committed to helping you clearing your energy space, so that lots of loving vibes can flow into your life."

“I’m looking forward to the 15 minutes every night and I thought I wouldn’t persevere until the end.” - Titia de Vries

Experiment with the light code symbols

If you want, you can print the light code drawing that comes with this DETOX Intensive and experiment with it. As mentioned, the symbols are a vortex in themselves and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity. For example, stand on it or look at it for a few minutes and experience how you react. Nothing is right or wrong. Observe your response. That's it.
Print the drawing (jpg)
Print the drawing (pdf)


Read more experiences of people who went before you.


€ 222,22 - about $ 250.00


Please let me know when you have any questions.

* Yes, always consult with your doctor if you are unsure whether this series is good for you. No, this series certainly does not have to be a substitute for other necessary treatments.