One-on-one session – Dear Sandra! Everything shifted after that session. Everything is crystal clear. I just came full circle. I understand how I created everything that ever happened to me. I’m still forgiving and receiving myself, but it’s like I’m finally free. Thank you. I will start singing now. Freeing my voice and embody it so that it can be and I can be what I truly came for ❤️.

One-on-one Session
19 January 2021


RELEASE & RELOAD – It’s sooo nice every night, I feel so warm and relaxed afterwards and sleep deeper. Thank you so much! See you again tonight.

Online program
19 January 2021


RELEASE & RELOAD – “Wow, what a beautiful Light. Thank you Sandra for these wonderful journeys 🌟🙏🏻🌟. The first two days not much happened on a conscious level. Day three was an intense Light bath! After your transmission I was connected to the unity field of Love for a long time … 💖 Day four … wow! Everything was shaking, especially around my third eye. Moreover, I heard Light Language that resembled the sounds that recently came through myself spontaneously. Very nice to recognize it! I look forward to today’s session. Grateful to be here. Thank you, thank you 🙏🏻. Much love.” 🌟🤍🌟

Online program
18 January 2021


RELEASE & RELOAD – What an energy again! Delicious those transmissions of yours! The transmission was like a shower of clear energy, it swirled through my head, chakras, whole body. The energy kept flowing throughout the night! Thank you.

Online program
17 January 2021


RELEASE & RELOAD – It was amazing again yesterday and tonight! Everything that no longer serves my soul is shaken loose and rinsed clean. I thank you dear Sandra for your intensely beautiful, loving work. I am already more in my power, everything resonates! What a connection with the source! My gratitude is so great! See you tomorrow!

Online program
15 January 2021


RELEASE & RELOAD – I expressed my intention yesterday to fully commit myself to this and to participate as often as possible. It feels like I really have to, I feel a kind of necessity, a drive, a responsibility and also an honor and intense gratitude for helping the process, wherever that may lead. Thank you on behalf of me, our ancestors and Gaia for facilitating this!

Online program
15 January 2021


RELEASE & RELOAD – This greatly helps me to build in breaks during the day. Such guidance is very pleasant and motivating for me.

Online program
14 January 2021


RELEASE & RELOAD: “Dear Sandra, How magical it was again!! I was shaken on all sides, shocked and pulled. A warm ‘lava’ stream through my upper stomach, pain in my neck with images of psychedelic monsters. It felt like a big clean-up! Delicious! To be continued!!! Thank you thank you thank you for doing this for us 🙏🏼🙏🏼.”

Online Transmission, Online program
14 January 2021


(Dutch) One-on-one session – “Ja, het was heel bijzonder gisteravond. Ik voel dat dit zó bij mij past en dat hier ergens mijn wortels liggen. Het moet nog allemaal doordringen, maar ik heb de diepe vreugde teruggevonden die ik al lange tijd kwijt was. En je voelt pas echt het gemis als je het gemiste weer terug hebt ontvangen. Dat alleen al maakt me een dankbaar mens. En nu moet de rest nog komen! Veel dank hiervoor  en voor je prachtige werk!”

One-on-one Session
21 November 2020


The Voices of the Ancestors – “The Voices of the Ancestors takes my breath away every time I listen. It feels warm, colorful, filled with wisdom (which it is of course), a familiar light language that makes me feel at ease, like a neighbor from the past. I am brought to imagine and experience this language as if I am in a circle with a fire in its center and the ancestor is speaking to a group, yet it feels personal. The light language feels to me like it has African undertones, and at times hints of Arabia. It feels very much like a black female with her colorful head… Read more “Angelina”

Online program
9 November 2020


Mount Shasta Series – “The Mount Shasta Series is amazing, intense and out of this world. While receiving these transmissions I am absolutely literally also gone from where I am and completely one with the shower of sounds, that calms and energizes me at the same time.”

Online program
8 November 2020


Online Transmissions – “I just wanted you to know how just your videos on YouTube have drastically affected my soul. There’s no words or sounds that I could produce to show my gratitude!”💚🙏

Online Transmission
27 September 2020


Online Transmission – “I am currently working with Sabriyé in The Tribe Mystery School – Inner Union Soul Alchemy programme and just did your Detach & Surrender light language activation that is offered on the programme. It was such an amazing and out of this world experience. Even as I type now half an hour after completing it I feel light, tingly, free from negative thoughts and emotions. Everything I see is bright and vivid and as if I am seeing it for the first time. I’m in complete awe, thank you so much. Whilst I was listening to your voice I saw and felt so many things. I saw… Read more “J.P.”

Online Transmission
27 September 2020

Jackie Diaz & Miroslava Duran

Wedding – “Sandra, there are not sufficient words to express how thankful and honored we are to have you be a part of our life. Thank you for the wedding of my dreams and the energetic field you’ve brought to us. We feel you right next to us. I still smell you!!! How is this possible. You helped us bind our unconditional love for each other and are with us always and forever. We love you Sandra. Have a great experience in Mt. Shasta!” ❤️😍❤️😍

25 September 2020


One-on-one session – “SO, so grateful. Sandra is remarkable & so gifted at what she is doing. My session with her was truly profound, and the light codes she has given to me after the session have helped me already (and it only has been few days since our session) as I have started seeing big shift in my external world, with something that was causing me great emotional pain & energetic block for a long time. THANK YOU ❤️.”

One-on-one Session
29 June 2020


Online Transmission – “First of all big thanks for being there, seriously your sessions means a lot to me, these are actually the only things during which I am able to disconnect from 3D and spend time with me. I don’t know how it works, but during this 1 hour or 30 minutes I find the space where I have patience for myself.”

Online Transmission
15 June 2020


Online transmission – “I’d like to share the importance of what you do (according to my personal perception). Recalibrating the ’emotion’ i.e. : ‘Energy in Motion’… This time it inspired me to move my physical body in accordance with the resonance, frequency, sound and rhythm… by ‘physical’ I include everything… deep into my DNA, Atoms, Eons… all that we are made of… as well as my skeletal, nervous system, muscles, glands, organs, senses etc. I breathed and honored the sounds coming from inside of me and then let everything happen… movements, breathing, sounds… Something was uncomfortably stuck, that I had to release… and it did… ✨💫❤🙏🏼❤💫❤✨ Thank you for your beautiful… Read more “Chandra”

Online Transmission
8 June 2020


Online transmission – “Thank you for all your sessions so far. I feel that they have been life changing for me and got me out of a deep long lasting depression 🙏🏻.”

Online Transmission
13 October 2019


One-on-one session: “I appreciate that you were so good at catching in words what lives inside of me. The words and the feeling were right. That is really special because no one has ever succeeded in that. For me, that is a valuable experience in itself, that there is someone where I don’t have to explain myself that way. I felt seen, heard, known. Thank you.”

1 October 2019

Cherren Tang

Online transmission – “What a special experience was the session of last Sunday. Thank you! At the time of the session I just allowed anything to happen. A part in me recognized in the sounds the story about the origin, the history of Gaia and the role of humanity in it. It felt very familiar. Afterwards I felt a little lighter as if space had been created in me. I feel every cell in my body and during meditations yesterday and this morning I feel the energy flowing in me and I am totally connected to the earth and the universe.”

Online Transmission
21 August 2019


Online Transmission – “Super thanks, Sandra. What a special experience. I felt like I was elsewhere. It was a kind of coming and going to another place. My body tingled and is still tingling in different places. Sometimes a sudden shock went through my leg, arm or finger. My head felt very heavy. Because I experienced the sound as quite intense, I placed a hand on my heart and another on my stomach, which gave me some rest. I occasionally felt a pressure on my chest and lower abdomen. While stretching, all my vertebrae cracked and my back feels more loose. That is new to me. All in all, a… Read more “Sharole”

Online Transmission
21 August 2019

An Heene

Inner Fire Transmission – Reaction immediately after the 4-hour transmission: “At first I was thinking, wow, 4 hours lying down without sleeping… this will be difficult. But it wasn’t. It was like I was more or less in a timeless place. I wasn’t bored. No hurt or discomfort or other things. The sounds were feeling so nourishing. It made me real peaceful. I had not so many thoughts. Only a bit. I did see images. Like I was watching a movie, really detailed. Special landscapes, faces, air that was filled with sparkles… it made me think of Lemurian images, although I am not sure. But it had this atmosphere. I could… Read more “An Heene”

One-on-one Session, Online Transmission
21 August 2019

Kim Bakker

ABUNDANCE Intensive – “Such a wonderful experience, Sandra. I love the sound of your voice in my ear and all languages that come out. I totally feel my body responding to the messages and letting go of I don’t know what… And since a couple of days there is this constant vibration going on in my body. At day 16 of the ABUNDANCE Intensive, it was all tingling in my head. As if the buttons were adjusted internally. Really cool. On day 12, 13 and 14 I clearly felt that we were moving down one chakra per session. Curious what the rest will bring. So exciting, overwhelmed and thankful.”

Online Transmission, Online program
20 August 2019

Theodora F. Izzard

One-on-one session / 30-day programs / Online transmissions – “Initially, I had a one-on-one session when Sandra and I met in India and I truly had no idea what to expect. I had no clue what ‘light language’ was – or how it worked – and as a bit of a cynic at the time I initially passed it off as something that was probably just a bit too bonkers for me. After my session however it dawned on me that the fact that all I had to do was lie down, but was left feeling both physically and emotionally transformed was a clear sign to me that this woman… Read more “Theodora F. Izzard”

One-on-one Session, Online Transmission, Online program
13 August 2019

Titia de Vries

One-on-one session / 30-day programs – “As a coach I am constantly working on further developing myself. I do that, among other things through supervision with my professor. Last year I noticed that I needed guidance other than ‘talking’. Via via I ended up with Sandra. At our first appointment I received a big hug. I like hugging but I am somewhat reserved with strangers in it. However I couldn’t resist Sandra: she radiates so much warmth and love. In my treatment many things happened and Sandra discussed things she couldn’t know. After that, a lot in my life started changing in positive way. Old things, awkward things, that had… Read more “Titia de Vries”

One-on-one Session, Online program
27 July 2019


Clearance & Alignment Subscription – “I experience the Clearance & Alignment program as very supportive. It helps me to stay more grounded and relaxed while moving through processes of deep transformation. The transmissions feel like a soft & subtle catalyst. So nice! One time a transmission brings me relaxation and I fall asleep for hours. The other time after listening, I can connect deeper with the core of a process, a tight energetic ‘knot’ starts loosening, insights come in and my heart is overflowing with love. It helps me again and again to experience the connection with All and Everything.”

Clearance & Alignment Subscription
27 July 2019

Nanette Winnubst

Online Transmission – “Penetrating on a cellular level, in all layers and chakras… Sweating, prickles in my heart, buzzing head… It felt like a cosmic energetic cleansing, like a ceremony without shamanic plants, with your voice as a razor-sharp operation knife. I have the feeling that the effect will be felt in the coming days.”

Online Transmission
22 July 2019


30-day programs – “The DETOX Intensive, DETACH & Surrender Intensive, UNITY Consciousness Intensive have had a very positive and beneficial impact on my wellbeing. It consists of a range of sounds spoken by Sandra. These sounds flooded me on all levels of frequencies, that I could experience my thoughts & feelings in way that I could not before. I feel so much more in control with what I say, my thoughts, and the way I look at myself. I truly feel like I have shed a second skin. These sounds are also drawn as ‘Light Codes’ & were provided to look, absorb, heal & feel. Thank you Sandra, for facilitating such… Read more “George”

Online program
11 June 2019


30-day programs – “After 30 days of taking part in the DETOX Intensive program, it is a bit of a rehab ;-). I experienced it as very nice and every day felt different.
The predominance was the feeling of a lot of love, space, cleaning and light. The light language, as I experienced it, felt some times heavy and other times light and funny. Like: IT IS GOOD and everything is OK!
I feel it is  important for the cosmic sounds to be heard in a large collective energy field. Some sessions I had to yawn a lot. I’m very grateful to you, Sandra. I’ve already started to… Read more “Vera”

Online program
3 June 2019


One-on-one session – “Thank you so much for yesterday, it was wonderful to see you again, and a life changer as always. This new energy is strong… I feel very determined. I am reminded of the closing ceremony in India where I said goodbye to my old self… but I’m excited for this new level of me. So appreciative of you and for all that you do, you’ve got me for life I think! Much love.”

One-on-one Session
26 May 2019

Mike de Visser

30-day programs – “After one week of detox sessions, I gradually feel a new form of consciousness emerging. I walk the streets and paths of this world as if it were the last time and I found complete resignation in this. The sounds, smells, colors and feelings, everything feels more intense. I am probably returning to my original form after releasing all the old layers. I can’t wait what else is coming.”

Online program
8 May 2019

Sacha Rondeau

Online Transmission – “This was absolutely amazing! It brought me through so many past lives I thought I had already cleared, and some I didn’t know of yet, and there was complete acceptance and release. I also had quite a peculiar experience with time itself, seeing it for what it is and seeing a glimpse of what is to come (experiencing that it is not linear at all, and completely accessible at all times). And I also heard the angels singing through your voice with you. It also felt to me like you were fast-forwarding ancient rituals I had taken part of and/or witnessed in ancient civilizations. I started seeing… Read more “Sacha Rondeau”

Online Transmission
25 April 2019


Online Transmission – “I am a singer and musician. I was so fascinated by the whole thing, it was really interesting. I’ve never encountered anything similar, and my creative mind of curiousity started to run wild! That was good, of course. And I had to go up and watch how you were doing some sounds, that was like you used a pitch shifter, very interesting. I guess it was modulated through the palms of your hands reinforced by galactic forces of light. It kept playing in my mind when I was sleeping and when I was awake the other day. The following day I experienced that an old wound finally… Read more “Carolina”

Online Transmission
13 April 2019

Vallia Soeharijanto

Online Transmission – “I felt tingling sensations from start to finish, and it felt as if I was in a rain forest somewhere, surrounded by some people from I don’t know what age, but they’re not from this era. It was a magnificent experience.”

Online Transmission
12 April 2019


Online Transmission – “I felt like I was having a journey around the world and visiting forests, jungles, went to the theater to watch opera, and then went outdoors again. There was a moment, I started feeling cold again, and then very relaxed. At the end, I started to fall asleep and when she said goodbye, I decided to take a nap and sleep out my treatment. I am impressed how she can sing, achieve those high notes, with all those sounds, and kept on going like nothing.”

Online Transmission
12 April 2019


Online Transmission – “Powerful experience, very different than anything I know for now. You are connected to so wise and powerful ancients healers, Sandra! It was a journey through past lives and healing. And the light mixed through all of it but also death. It was very grounded for me. Life and death, perfect balance between it. And I could remember who I was and why I forgot so much. ‘The ancients healers’ inside of you spoke directly to my soul.”

Online Transmission
10 April 2019

Chiara Ciabattoni

Online Transmission – “I felt very familiar with that language, as if it was primitive and at the same time a language from the future, and in some ways at another level, I could understand it, I was just loving it. It was cute and felt like home :). I felt at home. I never experienced a transmission of this kind before, and it really did resonate with me! Thank you again for this gift. I send you much love, thanks for sharing your magic and being a wonderful mediator between realms!”

Online Transmission
21 March 2019


Online Transmission: “It was very noticeable that an energetic cleaning was taking place. At the beginning it was very local and later in the session everywhere simultaneously. Special experience, thanks!”

Online Transmission
13 March 2019


Online Transmission – “What a special experience, you took me on a journey that I remember deeply. I am fascinated by what you do and I am only just discovering what shamanism is and does. Thank you for bringing me in contact with nature, the animals, Pacha Mama, the elements and colors. What a unique feeling, my womb could feel it.”

Online Transmission
4 March 2019


One-on-one session – “Right after the session I was already feeling a renewed sense of joy and Self. I was also having a powerful feeling of being reconnected with Source and my multidimensionality. I was feeling alive again and like another veil of confusion had been lifted, like I had just woken up from a deep sleep I didn’t even know I was in. It was shocking and in the same time reassuring to realize how many layers of traumas and spiritual sleep we carry within us and how much more than that there actually is to existence. The first night after the session was very significant. I went through some… Read more “Anca”

One-on-one Session
20 February 2019


Group Journey – “Thank you so much, dear Sandra, for the evening together in Amsterdam-IJburg. Such a gathering and session was the first time for me. Definitely not the last one. I am awed by your energy and power, your path in life and your commitment. Very grateful too for being allowed to share all this with you and the group. You are supporting and healing your fellow men. I know I am on my way to do this the way I am destined to do so. That is very exciting and inspiring. Your energy and healing and example are helping and guiding me, for sure. When you started ‘talking’… Read more “Lorette”

Group Journey
3 December 2018


One-on-one session – “I met Sandra a couple of years ago and was so inspired already back then that I interviewed her to tell her story of transformation on my blog. The flow of life magically brought our paths back together and I had the honor to experience a journey through my unconscious by the guidance of this magnificent woman. I see her as a modern-day goddess to be honest – perhaps that’s my Greek heritage talking here. Let me explain that. My idea of a god or goddess in human form is the clarity of truth and the depth of purity and inner power you sense/see/experience in the other. Sandra’s… Read more “Eleni”

One-on-one Session
27 July 2018


Group Journey – “This was an amazing experience! The night following the session I slept very deep and I feel like something has been released. I feel lighter, a certain acceptance. I think with time it’ll work through even deeper but I’m already very happy experiencing this, so thank you for that! Another remarkable thing I’d like to share is that the languages you spoke were so recognizable, as if in any given moment I could talk back to you.”

Group Journey
18 June 2018


Group Journey – “I felt my entire being present and aware with the sounds and words you shared with us. The transmissions that came through you, I could feel it with immediate sensations in my body and by the appearance of pictures in my mind. I am deeply touched; by your pure channel; the waterfall of sounds and pictures. Touched by the moving between light and dark, heavy and light, ill and whole, tense and free. Your touch at the end of the session was one of a moving softness and tenderness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for today. It stretches so much further than just this evening.”

Group Journey
13 June 2018


“Thank you Sandra – for the wonderful session last Saturday, 10th of June. So beautiful and healing. You have given us another wonderful journey; a loving, caring and delicate one! I felt extra light and happy and felt your energy resonating long long afterwards. THANKS! Love.”

Group Journey
13 June 2018

Sabriyé Ayana

Retraite – “Sandra is one of the healers I work with in the Twin Flame retreats I organize in various places in the world. My clients love working with her, in the Ibiza retreat in 2018 she was the favorite healer according to the group. She will also be on team for our 2019 retreats in India. I have been working on my Twin Flame journey with Sandra for a year now and find her way of working very effective and in-depth. Which has really helped me on my own soul journey and clearing up the gunk and sludge that I was still carrying with me through lifetimes and lifetimes.… Read more “Sabriyé Ayana”

14 May 2018


One-on-one session – “Thank you Sandra for co-traveling with you in a loving and safe environment. At the end of the session I felt like I’d just returned from a holiday: so light, rested and quiet inside. My breathing became deeper and more intense during the session and with every exhalation it felt like tiredness, heavy energy and old ballast was being released. At a deep cell level it felt like old garbage was being thrown away and transformed. My whole body vibrated, it was a shower of light and energy. Thanks again for this amazing experience, the cleansing process, your guidance, insights, connecting the dots… and for your love.”

One-on-one Session
22 June 2017

Tim Schipper

One-on-one session – “Wow, I feel as if I’ve been completely turned inside out. And as if I’ve been fully, truly fully been put in the (spot)light. This was incredible, Sandra! It was a vivid and very special experience to be able to completely surrender to the energy that connected us. It felt as if Mother Earth took me in her arms and held me in a tight hug. I received the message: “Open your cells, and receive everything that wants to be received. You don’t have to do anything. Just let it flow”. I feel reborn and am very grateful. Thank you, thank you Sandra for this enlightening energetic session.… Read more “Tim Schipper”

One-on-one Session
17 October 2016

Trix Juist

One-on-one session – “It is as if I feel whole after this session. It felt like everything just fell into place. I have been under the impression that I had a good childhood and never dared to question that. The deeper sense of something not being all pretty though got confirmed. The session helped me to give my entire life story its space – including the shadow sides that had been hidden until this point. It gave space to joy and the ability to enjoy my “whole” life story. The story feels like a fairy tale and it was beautiful – somehow I feel as if I now have arrived in… Read more “Trix Juist”

One-on-one Session
26 May 2016


One-on-one session – “My view on it is that Sandra knows how to give voice to the obstacles and entanglements that stand between your potential and you. By transforming it she clears the way for more life energy, more power, more joy to enter. During the session I saw things that I have been feeling my entire life but wasn’t able to put my finger on. Things I was barely aware of but did have control over my life came to light. It was so liberating to cut loose and let go of all that was no longer serving me. To be able to feel the connection again with my… Read more “Minne”

One-on-one Session
25 May 2016

Kes Mossel

One-on-one session – “Sandra is a marvellous omnipotent healer. She has the natural ability to tap in to exactly what is needed at the time, how much to work on what level of the bodies and has no inhibition speaking her truth. Very refreshing way of treatment. I was with her only 2 times but would have continued to work with her if I didn’t live abroad. She cleared a lot of negative beliefs in me the first treatment, taking great care in sending me on my way in one harmonious piece. The second treatment felt like a huge empowerment boost and send me off feeling strong and soft in… Read more “Kes Mossel”

One-on-one Session
21 February 2016


One-on-one session – “Dear Sandra, I feel changed. I’m still amazed – and sensing how everything in my day-to-day life and my relationship with others suddenly feels different. It seems as if a certain level of sadness, of despondency has disappeared, that I actually wasn’t even aware of being present! I never imagined that this was hidden underneath. The heavy tiredness I experienced is gone. I feel lighter. The last couple of months I also had a lot of pain between my ribs and spine; something was stuck. I feel that I can deeply inhale and breathe again and that the stiffness has loosened. I feel more free, happier and feel… Read more “C.V.”

One-on-one Session
19 February 2016

Gosse Beerda

One-on-one session – “Sandra is a one-in-a-billion woman! A woman I have always admired for the way she lives her passions and the inspiring and groundbreaking effect she has on the world surrounding her. Just by being herself and doing what she loves. These sessions are an absolute must if you are struggling with pieces that you cannot access, having tried everything else in your power. Not that there are no other methods that could help you with this but working with Sandra, from my experience, works on the deepest levels of our being. And I can tell as I’ve undergone many forms of energetic and shamanic healing sessions over the… Read more “Gosse Beerda”

One-on-one Session
15 December 2015