An Heene

Inner Fire Transmission – Reaction immediately after the 4-hour transmission: “At first I was thinking, wow, 4 hours lying down without sleeping… this will be difficult. But it wasn’t. It was like I was more or less in a timeless place. I wasn’t bored. No hurt or discomfort or other things. The sounds were feeling so nourishing. It made me real peaceful. I had not so many thoughts. Only a bit. I did see images. Like I was watching a movie, really detailed. Special landscapes, faces, air that was filled with sparkles… it made me think of Lemurian images, although I am not sure. But it had this atmosphere.

I could really feel that the sounds filled myself on a deep deep level. As if all the old things weren’t there anymore (let’s party 🎉). Everything inside of me (my energy, my cells, my thoughts…) it al feels so light and peaceful. I indeed can feel like I am new in a way. Thank you so much for the session. It was really intense. As if it was of big importance.”

Reaction two days after: “I feel that something has changed thoroughly. It was as if I crossed a crucial border and I had to shake the dust off my clothes. I feel renewed. Not just pieces have fallen away. I have done that little by little for so many years. It is more than that and different. As if all my cells have been cleaned up or renewed. It feels more like a complete reprogramming. Phew. It seemed as if the darkness would never come to an end in my life. And it’s so strange: suddenly it is there. Really yummy! Very nice.”


One-on-one session: “It was certainly a special experience. You are really good. I don’t know anyone who digs so deep and looks at the complete picture as you did.

With you the healing includes ‘everything’. On the one hand I received healing from my separation with Source, the initial split with my twin flame and my trauma from loosing my physical twin brother in the womb. On the other hand the relationship with my father got harmonized and I learned more about the relationship between my twin flame and myself… Meanwhile I received insights on how the collective consciousness influences how I feel and finally the gateway to my future was opened… It was so much, so complete.”

One-on-one sessions, Online transmissions
21 August 2019