The Voices of the Ancestors – “The Voices of the Ancestors takes my breath away every time I listen. It feels warm, colorful, filled with wisdom (which it is of course), a familiar light language that makes me feel at ease, like a neighbor from the past. I am brought to imagine and experience this language as if I am in a circle with a fire in its center and the ancestor is speaking to a group, yet it feels personal. The light language feels to me like it has African undertones, and at times hints of Arabia. It feels very much like a black female with her colorful head cover, lots of compassion in her voice. How much of this is yours I don’t know but it is sublime to listen to.

I can only say that these voices (if more than one) have solidified something after 2 tracks, this was obvious by my mood swings the following days. I quickly recognized what it was and released it. After listening to the six tracks, I went and had the light language script printed and placed it in my bedroom facing me directly when I am in bed. Nothing prepared me for the energy that I experienced for the last 6 days. If I place myself right in the center of the script the energy is felt fully on my head and face and it flows for long periods of time during the night, so I shift around in order not to be always in its direct flow so I can sleep a little, otherwise no sleep ;). Shifts will keep happening and I love watching what comes up.”

Online program
9 November 2020