Light Code Meditation Mats 🇺🇸🇬🇧 While I was laying on the beach on the mats I saw an image of all the mats around the world. Each mat its own light and every mat connected creating this big light grid. I believe this was the intention but I realized for the first time that by me taking my mats to all these different places everyone else who has a mat also receives from the location as well and vice-versa. And then I saw how each mat is literally a portal. I have always seen you as a portal in your travels around the world, Sandra, but now you have help with the mats. I know you know how profound this is but I just wanted to share how I have also realized this and how one person who birthed something into this reality is now able to touch massive amounts of lives. Your willingness to be the portal to birth this is amazing!!!! And I am happy to tote Earth and Unity around as my small part in the bigger ‘grid’ and grateful to everyone who is also doing the same.

Light Code Meditation Mats
14 August 2022