One-on-one session “Dear Sandra, I feel changed. I’m still amazed – and sensing how everything in my day-to-day life and my relationship with others suddenly feels different. It seems as if a certain level of sadness, of despondency has disappeared, that I actually wasn’t even aware of being present! I never imagined that this was hidden underneath. The heavy tiredness I experienced is gone. I feel lighter. The last couple of months I also had a lot of pain between my ribs and spine; something was stuck. I feel that I can deeply inhale and breathe again and that the stiffness has loosened. I feel more free, happier and feel like doing fun things that bring me joy. I don’t feel that heavy burden of carrying the responsibility of other people’s problems any more. As if I’m allowed now to engage with positivity again, in the form of ideas, people and energy. I am still amazed, in awe and letting it deeply sink in ;).”

One-on-one Session
19 February 2016