Kes Mossel

One-on-one session “Sandra is a marvellous omnipotent healer. She has the natural ability to tap in to exactly what is needed at the time, how much to work on what level of the bodies and has no inhibition speaking her truth. Very refreshing way of treatment. I was with her only 2 times but would have continued to work with her if I didn’t live abroad. She cleared a lot of negative beliefs in me the first treatment, taking great care in sending me on my way in one harmonious piece. The second treatment felt like a huge empowerment boost and send me off feeling strong and soft in my boots ready to face the world. Months after I still feel what she’s done for me very clearly in my daily life: visuals and affirmations, protection and clarity. This lady is worth a visit.”

One-on-one Session
21 February 2016