Online transmission – “I’d like to share the importance of what you do (according to my personal perception). Recalibrating the ’emotion’ i.e. : ‘Energy in Motion’… This time it inspired me to move my physical body in accordance with the resonance, frequency, sound and rhythm… by ‘physical’ I include everything… deep into my DNA, Atoms, Eons… all that we are made of… as well as my skeletal, nervous system, muscles, glands, organs, senses etc. I breathed and honored the sounds coming from inside of me and then let everything happen… movements, breathing, sounds… Something was uncomfortably stuck, that I had to release… and it did… ✨💫❤🙏🏼❤💫❤✨ Thank you for your beautiful work and the impact it has on the Innerverse. Really not to be underestimated. Much love always!” ✨❤🥰❤✨

Online Transmission
8 June 2020