One-on-one session “I met Sandra a couple of years ago and was so inspired already back then that I interviewed her to tell her story of transformation on my blog. The flow of life magically brought our paths back together and I had the honor to experience a journey through my unconscious by the guidance of this magnificent woman. I see her as a modern-day goddess to be honest – perhaps that’s my Greek heritage talking here. Let me explain that. My idea of a god or goddess in human form is the clarity of truth and the depth of purity and inner power you sense/see/experience in the other. Sandra’s clarity, light and power cannot be explained in words. Neither can the experience of the Shamanic Soul Journey. You have to experience it yourself. What I can share though is that my inquisitive mind has brought me to experience many (alternative) therapies over the past 10 years. I am a hypnotherapist myself and know the conscious / subconscious mind connection very well.

This though, this journey with Sandra, is one that I cannot compare with anything I’ve done so far. It’s so powerful that it somehow feels like rebirth. Just after the session I felt quite overwhelmed, like a baby that just comes out of the womb. A bit disoriented and not knowing what the hack just happened. Luckily Sandra was there to support me even the days that followed after the session. I needed a couple of days to let it all sink in and reorganize itself within me. Every day after that I felt as if my inner being was growing stronger like the exponential growth of a baby within the first year. I feel powerful, connected, clear, guided, held, confident, full of life and free. My gratitude for this experience and your guidance Sandra is as big as this Universe .”

One-on-one sessions
27 July 2018