The Path of the Feminine – It was initiation day today. Have no other word for it… It started yesterday evening, during the transmission of ‘release and reload’. It became so quiet inside.. After a wake/sleeping night, during which I saw many shapes appearing (lines, triangles, circles, squares… just in black and white, no background) I had the need to have a ‘nothing to do-day’. I was attracted to the last part of ‘the path of the sacred feminine’. Once I logged in, it changed… My whole surrounding disappeared, it was me and the transmission. I just started all over again, without a pauze, without drinking, without eating… Just sit and listen… Not aware of time or what happend around me (lucky for me I live alone with my cat). Did not put off my gsm, nor other digital media, I was never disturbed. Now I feel whole and sacred and initiated… I have no other word for it. Time will tell what my role in this subject is… I don’t want to give it a purpose that I think it can become… It will unfold… in its own way, how it is meant to be… I feel like one of- and one with the old wise women tribe… My mind says: tame your ego.. but it does not feel that way. Not gonna make it smaller than it feels. Thanks Sandra, for this life changing experience.. Proud to be an older woman.. Feels so quiet inside… So much peace, so much understanding… Like you always say… soooooo much Love……

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6 March 2021