Gosse Beerda

One-on-one session “Sandra is a one-in-a-billion woman! A woman I have always admired for the way she lives her passions and the inspiring and groundbreaking effect she has on the world surrounding her. Just by being herself and doing what she loves. These sessions are an absolute must if you are struggling with pieces that you cannot access, having tried everything else in your power. Not that there are no other methods that could help you with this but working with Sandra, from my experience, works on the deepest levels of our being. And I can tell as I’ve undergone many forms of energetic and shamanic healing sessions over the past decades. This woman is perfectly capable to assist you in this and does that in a very loving and extremely powerful way. Just the way she is, in all her glory, with a beautiful smile, a warm heart, a nice cup of herbal tea and her no-bullshit-attitude!”

One-on-one Session
15 December 2015