RELEASE & RELOAD – Dear Sandra, what is so special is that my Heart Coherence is getting more intense every day. My connection with mother earth, with the cosmos and with the light is growing and it feels so connected. Just before tonight’s RELEASE & RELOAD transmission, I did a Heart Coherence session and it was 100% coherent leading up to this beautiful and special healing transmission. It was already present in my energy field.
I experience more and more that whatever negativity is happening around me, it doesn’t seem to affect me anymore. This is so valuable and at the same time it’s like it’s always been there just a little more in the background.
In the past I have worked with energy healing and always out of love and respect for my fellow humans. But I only now fully realize how all that love and that light was handed to me from above to make this possible.
All the wonderful R&R transmissions you make possible for us contribute so much to our and my ongoing development. Thanks to your help, we as a group, with increasing intensity, can shine our light in any darkness.
My joy and gratitude cannot be expressed in words. But after you shared your intense and loving experience with us, I know I just have to share this.
So much thanks and so much love flows from my heart towards you. ❤️” – Hanny.
Online series
17 January 2022