Online Transmission – “I am currently working with Sabriyé in The Tribe Mystery School – Inner Union Soul Alchemy programme and just did your Detach & Surrender light language activation that is offered on the programme.

It was such an amazing and out of this world experience. Even as I type now half an hour after completing it I feel light, tingly, free from negative thoughts and emotions. Everything I see is bright and vivid and as if I am seeing it for the first time. I’m in complete awe, thank you so much.

Whilst I was listening to your voice I saw and felt so many things. I saw animals, places I have been with my twin, the Universe. I felt like there was a vortex in my third eye and tapping sensation in solar plexus. I felt light energy zip down my chakras many times, it was such a new and positive experience for me.

After finishing the transmission it went on. I just wanted to be with myself feeling light and in awe. I felt almost drunk and still do right now. I was drawn to my garden/nature where I watched the trees sway and naturally started swaying with them in my own world. Any touch on my skin feels sensitive and tingly. My body is typing this message but my mind is still in another world. I trust myself, I trust my soul, I trust the Universe and this all from one session you have offered for all that are on this programme.

I am deeply grateful to you for allowing me to experience what I am at the moment. It is truly the first time I have ever felt like this and there is so much peace and joy. Thank you so much, you have helped me tremendously on a day where I was struggling. I hope to work more with you in the future.

With so much love and gratitude.”

Online Transmission
27 September 2020