Group Journey – “Thank you so much, dear Sandra, for the evening together in Amsterdam-IJburg. Such a gathering and session was the first time for me. Definitely not the last one. I am awed by your energy and power, your path in life and your commitment. Very grateful too for being allowed to share all this with you and the group. You are supporting and healing your fellow men. I know I am on my way to do this the way I am destined to do so. That is very exciting and inspiring. Your energy and healing and example are helping and guiding me, for sure.

When you started ‘talking’ my lips curled; I smiled for a long time. I heared/felt the ‘theatre play’, the cacophony of noises/voices emerging from our subconsciousness. It sounded like dialect language. I could feel the meaning of it and the relativity and sillyness of all our mental and emotional noices. And my sense of humour softened everything. It helps me letting go of my own judgements, resentments and hate. My mind was not quiet all the time, but I was able to relax, surrender and enjoy the whole happening.

Travelling home I felt wander, gratitude, love, a deep trust in life and cosmos and strength/power. That night I had a very good sleep. Sunday afternoon I felt very tired. The following days it feels like my energy is cleaner, lighter and increasing, my intuition is sharpening, I see more clearly behind behaviour of myself and others and my confidence in life, in myself and my future deepens.

With loving kindness and gratitude. Namaste. See you next year again.”

Group Journey
3 December 2018