One-on-one session “My view on it is that Sandra knows how to give voice to the obstacles and entanglements that stand between your potential and you. By transforming it she clears the way for more life energy, more power, more joy to enter. During the session I saw things that I have been feeling my entire life but wasn’t able to put my finger on. Things I was barely aware of but did have control over my life came to light. It was so liberating to cut loose and let go of all that was no longer serving me. To be able to feel the connection again with my true self. I was finally able to deeply relax!

The session was beautiful. I’m very impressed by Sandra’s power to allow healing to take place on such a deep level. The first session is a while ago and I’ve experienced this as a turning point in my life. I felt not only released directly after the session, but I’ve experienced a fundamental shift in my life through the sessions with Sandra.

Super grateful!”

One-on-one sessions
25 May 2016