Sabriyé Ayana

Retraite – “Sandra is one of the healers I work with in the Twin Flame retreats I organize in various places in the world. My clients love working with her, in the Ibiza retreat in 2018 she was the favorite healer according to the group. She will also be on team for our 2019 retreats in India.

I have been working on my Twin Flame journey with Sandra for a year now and find her way of working very effective and in-depth. Which has really helped me on my own soul journey and clearing up the gunk and sludge that I was still carrying with me through lifetimes and lifetimes.

Working with her has been so life changing for me, that I wanted to create the opportunity for my own clients to experience what Sandra has to offer first hand.

Especially for those on the Twin Flame journey investing in your healing and spiritual growth is such an important aspect of aligning to inner and outer union. The work Sandra offers helps you to remove the things that are keeping you out of this alignment.”

Sabriyé (

14 May 2018