Theodora F. Izzard

One-on-one session / 30-day programs / Online transmissions“Initially, I had a one-on-one session when Sandra and I met in India and I truly had no idea what to expect. I had no clue what ‘light language’ was – or how it worked – and as a bit of a cynic at the time I initially passed it off as something that was probably just a bit too bonkers for me. After my session however it dawned on me that the fact that all I had to do was lie down, but was left feeling both physically and emotionally transformed was a clear sign to me that this woman was a truly gifted healer.

Fast forward 8 months and I have now taken part in every type of session that Sandra offers, including the 30 day intensives. These various sessions have helped me to shed layers of my old self, and come back to who I know I was always meant to be. I have travelled to Ibiza twice when guided just for a session with her, and have found these to be life changing.

Sandra’s ability to understand how you may be feeling and describe this with such compassionate knowledge, so that you can push through self-restricting barriers is like nothing I’ve ever known before – even when facing your darkest shadows Sandra is able to create a warm, safe and loving space for you to heal yourself in.

Working with Sandra has helped me to re-establish a peaceful, loving and powerfully trusting relationship with my soul, its path and the universe so for this I am eternally grateful. I know that in Sandra I have not only found a wonderful, trusted healer but also a respected spiritual mentor who I hope to continue to work with and learn from for the rest of our lives. Anyone that is reading this has already heard the call, so take the leap – I promise you it’s worth it. With everlasting Love and gratitude.” – Theo Xx

One-on-one sessions, Online transmissions, Online series
13 August 2019