Titia de Vries

One-on-one session / 30-day programs “As a coach I am constantly working on further developing myself. I do that, among other things through supervision with my professor. Last year I noticed that I needed guidance other than ‘talking’. Via via I ended up with Sandra. At our first appointment I received a big hug. I like hugging but I am somewhat reserved with strangers in it. However I couldn’t resist Sandra: she radiates so much warmth and love.

In my treatment many things happened and Sandra discussed things she couldn’t know. After that, a lot in my life started changing in positive way. Old things, awkward things, that had been on my mind for years were dissolving.

Reason to participate in her first 30-day intensive. At first I was afraid that I would not be able to participate in every transmission. It turned out differently: it was delicious. Just fifteen minutes of lying down, sometimes even falling asleep and afterwards enjoying the total relaxation. If the time (9 pm) did not suit me, I could always log in for the replay.

Long story short: I am now in the third intensive, the registration for the fourth is on its way. A lot is shifting inside of me and in my life. I have more energy, I am more relaxed, there is flow in all areas of my life.”

One-on-one sessions, Online series
27 July 2019