RELEASE & RELOAD – Today we should certainly take a moment to consider the hundredth RELEASE & RELOAD transmission of ‘our’ tribe. Tirelessly you have guided us, strengthened by the countless deep experiences, to special places on our earth: Mount Shasta, Lake Baikal, Egypt, beautiful cathedrals and caves in the South of France and diamond caves close to the heart of Mother Earth, we flew with dragons and eagles, sat around camp fires and immersed ourselves in pillars of Light, floated in plasma bubbles, and so much more. It were adventurous transmissions that penetrated deeper layers. We received Light and were allowed to distribute Light. We healed ourselves and were a support and empowerment to the whole world.

Marianne and I are grateful to you for sharing all of this with us. You are so loving and passionate that we are touched by it every time. Thus the transmissions have become a familiar point in the daily rhythm. Slowly we got to know the participants of the Tribe and we are amazed by the special experiences that are shared after every session. We feel the loving connection with all. Whatever you had in mind when you started the RELEASE & RELOAD transmissions: it is a success. And although the number 100 often means completion, we hope that tomorrow we will make a new beginning.

Online program
23 April 2021