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Mount Shasta Series

Mystical wonders of a majestic mountain

I am so happy to present the Mount Shasta Series to you. It is very dear to my heart. The time that I spent in the Mount Shasta area has brought me an immense upgrade on many different levels. And I felt you were with me all along. I would sit at the fire place, sharing my deepest intentions and I would invite you to do the same. I would throw whatever I energetically didn’t need anymore into the fire and I asked you to that too. I prayed for you, I’ve seen you in my dreams and you were with me during my meditations. We were on this journey together and I will always cherish that in my soul.

Deep journey inward

I've recorded a collection of Light Code transmissions that will guide you on a deep journey inward. I take you with me while exploring a wide variety of sacred sites. This series offers you an opportunity for purification, remembrance and powerful re-activation. Energy will be stirred up so that a deeply rooted re-alignment can take place, that's what it did to me too. During the pivotal moments of recording a transmission, I would feel how you and many others joined in. So if you feel drawn to discover this series, please know that you were already part of this journey from the very beginning.

From a crystalline Shasta water blessing to deep womb healing in a pitch dark lava tube and from pristine miraculous magical meadows to an intergalactic council meeting deep in the forest. I take you on several guided meditations in which you can for example merge with dragons and find yourself in a glowing energetic healing chamber deep inside the earth.

"Energy will be stirred up so that a deeply rooted re-alignment can take place, that's what it did to me too."

Expanded multidimensional awareness

Every Light Code transmission is different. Sometimes it might feel warm, soft and relaxing, while at other times it could stir up some raw and deep emotions. I connected with the power of all elements and the energy beings that were present. The sounds will assist you in revealing realities that were buried deep inside so that your multidimensional awareness can expand in your present day reality. By joining this journey you say yes to reconnecting, releasing, revitalizing, remembering and restoring deep parts of your soul. You can then live an upgraded version of your already existing potential.

I feel I am on the one hand a representative for our earthly collective consciousness and at the same time a spokes person for our star families. A bridge if you will to bring together the cosmic ancestral ancient future wisdom and our present situation on Mother Earth. If they merge the non-essential structures and programs will collapse and the higher vibrational multidimensional wisdom will prevail. New Earth will rise as a Phoenix out of the ashes.

This series is an important part of my energy work, because through sharing these transmissions with you the high vibrational frequencies can be anchored into our beloved Mother Earth.

"Listening to the series makes me sleep deep and long afterwards; it gives me a feeling of peace, restfulness and presence; and I feel being part of a huge gathering and work-in-progress. That's great, inspiring and amazing.

It also helpt me to accept all kinds of inner processes, old trauma and patterns; to look at them; to understand them better; to accept them; to let go of them more and more." - Lorette Welter -

Light therapy

The sounds that come through my voice will intensively flush your entire being. Call it light therapy if you will.

The high-frequency sounds move like laser beams of light through your layers of subconscious. Each sound journey helps you transmute and release deeply rooted 'old' energy on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. In this way, space is being created and new uplifting vibrations can come into your life.

Multidimensional intelligence

Since the cosmic sounds are a container for healing energies and have a multidimensional intelligence, they provide you with exactly what you need in the moment to connect with your higher knowing and transmute subtle (or less subtle) programs that try to hold onto an illusionary safety. You can listen to the transmissions as often as you want. Every time you listen, you might have a completely different experience.

You receive

For an unlimited period of time you receive access to the 13 Light Code transmissions listed below. The total duration is 5 hours and 27 minutes.

1. Harbin springs - 17.24 min
2. In the forest - 26.34 min
3. Crater Lake spring - 22.10 min
4. Crater Lake forest - 27.23 min
5. Clear Creek Meadows - 30.59 min
6. Jot Dean Cave - 18.37 min
7. Mount Shasta City Park - 19.19 min
8. Pluto’s Cave - part 1 - 17.56 min
9. Pluto’s Cave - part 2 - 23.09 min
10. Panther Meadows - 19.20 min
11. Bunny Flat - 37.41 min
12. Lake Siskiyou - 42.53 min
13. Burney Falls - 23.39 min

Besides the sound transmissions, you receive 26 pages of Light Code script. The symbols are powerful vortexes and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity. You can print the pages, place the print under your mattress for additional support, or place your water bottle on top of it to charge it with the high frequencies. Please use your inner guidance and experiment what works for you.

"It was incredible. No words. Just in awe of what you have brought to us. I literally just wrote down in my diary “I had so many healings, clearings, releases, upgrades, integrations in a few weeks. Unbelievable how much in such a short time. This to me says it all...!“ I have felt energy blocked, released, energies flowing again. Visions, knowing, discomfort and total bliss. Most profound were the blessings I have received. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Ashwina"


Check out the Experiences page to read how others benefited from everything I offer.


You are invited to validate this series yourself and choose the donation you want to share with me. As a suggestion, I'd very much appreciate a donation somewhere between € 33,33 and € 144,44.


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Get a taste of the Mount Shasta energies

This Light Code Transmission was recorded in Pluto's Cave. This cave is believed to be an Inner Earth gateway entrance on the northern side of Mount Shasta (California, US). Native Americans used these caves for inner tribal communal gatherings. It's a great vortex and while walking through the underground lava tunnels, it's nothing but pitch dark. It's like you walk into the womb of Mother Earth...