Mother Earth Speaks

Mother Earth Speaks

A journey into the heart of life

Mother Earth Speaks is a journey in which I share the precious messages and wisdom that specific powerful places in nature and ancestors have in store for our collective consciousness. This Mother Earth Speaks journey started in Costa Rica then continued to Guatemala, back to Costa Rica and thereafter to Mount Shasta (California) and Sedona. I climbed many volcanoes to connect with the energy portals on the summit, I worked with the Mayan ancestors residing on sacred sites, I traveled into Inner Earth via an inviting entrance on Mount Shasta, I met the jaguar, I danced with dragons, I descended into the womb of Mother Earth. It has been quite a ride and the journey continues. I've followed the guidance and with lots of dedication I've put the following two episodes together for you, for us, for our precious Mother Earth:

Intention Mother Earth Speaks

This profound journey invites you to surrender to the unknown, on a deeper level than before. It results in a more centered and grounded way of being. A deeper sense of feeling at home in your body, at home on this planet, inner peace in your daily life and more unconditional acceptance of what is going on in your inner and outer world.

"You are invited to open up to the sacred light coded messages and receive the healing energies that the natural teachers of Mother Earth have in store for you."

Red Rock Series

Mount Shasta Series

Costa Rica Series - part 1

Multidimensional intelligence

Since the cosmic sounds are a container for healing energies and have a multidimensional intelligence, they provide you with exactly what you need in the moment to connect with your higher knowing and transmute subtle (or less subtle) programs that try to hold onto an illusionary safety. You can listen to the transmissions as often as you want. Every time you listen, you might have a completely different experience.


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