Online series

Online series

Below you find all online series that I have available for you. Three of them are called Mother Earth Speaks series. I recorded them while traveling the world. Mother Earth Speaks is a journey in which I share the precious messages and wisdom that specific powerful places in nature and ancestors have in store for our collective consciousness. This Mother Earth Speaks journey started in Costa Rica then continued to Guatemala, back to Costa Rica and thereafter to Mount Shasta (California) and Sedona. I climbed many volcanoes to connect with the energy portals on the summit, I worked with the Mayan ancestors residing on sacred sites, I traveled into Inner Earth via an inviting entrance on Mount Shasta, I met the jaguar, I danced with dragons, I descended into the womb of Mother Earth. It has been quite a ride and the journey continues. I've followed the guidance and with lots of dedication I've put three episodes together for you, for us, for our precious Mother Earth: Red Rock SeriesMount Shasta SeriesCosta Rica Series - part 1.

The profound journeys invite you to surrender to the unknown, on a deeper level than before. It results in a more centered and grounded way of being. A deeper sense of feeling at home in your body, at home on this planet, inner peace in your daily life and more unconditional acceptance of what is going on in your inner and outer world.

Every single series is a combination of Light Code transmissions and Light Code script. You can read the extensive information per series and feel what resonates the most in this moment. Please contact me if you have any questions.


A sacred space for a personal, planetary & cosmic clean-up

It’s in this sacred space where you can sense the whirls of sparkling energy and the refined rays of multidimensional light. It’s this sacred space that offers you the opportunity to let go of your fears, dissolve your resistance and surrender to your deep inner power. This sacred space is a grounded base for high frequency beings to assist us in moving into the next stage of our existence. It’s this sacred space that is powerful as a bulldozer and soft & subtle as a new born baby.

You are held in loving arms to be reborn into the new. It’s the miraculous and mystical touch that awakens your wonderful web of light, illuminating your memories of the ever so loving divine being that you are. Read more

Mother Earth Speaks - Red Rock series

Ancient portals to multidimensional realms

This Red Rock Series is about reconnecting with our Native American ancestors and retrieving the memories of our own indigenous roots. The wise elders are and have always been a bridge between our beloved Mother Earth and the multidimensional wisdom from the cosmic realms. The red rocks are keepers of these precious frequencies. Read more.

The Path of the Feminine

Guidance from beloved SOPHIA | MARY | GAIA.

These Light Code transmissions take you on a journey through the different phases of Loving Harmony, Loss of Connection, Recovery to the Divine Plan and Living your Souls Mission. Let yourself be guided by three prominent representatives of the Divine Feminine: Mother Sophia, Mother Mary and Mother Gaia. They take you by the hand and share the collective memories of the path that every woman and every man has endured. This assists you in retrieving deep inner trust and honor to the Sacred Mother. She who resides in the depths of your being, providing life-force and nurturing you on a souls level. Read more

Mother Earth Speaks - Mount Shasta series

Mystical wonders of a majestic mountain

The time that I spent in the Mount Shasta area has brought me an immense upgrade on many different levels. And I felt you were with me all along. I would sit at the fire place, sharing my deepest intentions and I would invite you to do the same. I would throw whatever I energetically didn’t need anymore into the fire and I asked you to that too. I prayed for you, I’ve seen you in my dreams and you were with me during my meditations. We were on this journey together and I will always cherish that in my soul. Read more.

Mother Earth Speaks - Costa Rica series

Messages from juicy jungle & vigorous volcanoes

Being in the presence of a volcano, an emerald green crater lake or another majestic power spot, allows us to tap into our innate wisdom, connected to the source of creation. They are great catalysts in (re)connecting us with our primordial power and breaking free from our subconscious fears to surrender. Read more.

EXPAND your EXPRESSION Intensive (5 days)

Liberating your precious potential and sharing your true voice.

The throat chakra is the bridge between your heart and the mind, between your higher dimensional wisdom and the physical realms. A clear and well developed throat chakra integrates the wisdom of both and allows you to embody the light and manifest heaven on earth. Sounds help you to stay in the reality of your innerverse (your inner universe) and support you in remembering your true nature. In addition to that, sounds assist you in honoring your connection with your ancestors and soul family. Read more

EXPRESS your TRUE YOU Intensive (10 days)

Living the expanded version of you by allowing your inner voice to lead the way, grounded and with sparks of joy.

ABUNDANCE Intensive (30 days)

Embodying your Inner Creator and allowing the ever flowing creative force to fulfill your life and contribute to humanity.

UNITY Consciousness Intensive (30 days)

Connecting your head with your heart and feel one with yourself and the world around you.

DETACH & Surrender Intensive (30 days)

Allowing, trusting and surrendering to your soul.

DETOX Intensive (30 days)

Clearing your blockages so you can fully receive what life has in store for you.