Online series

Online series

Below you find all online series. Every single one is a combination of Light Code transmissions and Light Code script. You can read the extensive information per series and feel what resonates the most in this moment. Please contact me if you have any questions.


A sacred space for a personal, planetary & cosmic clean-up

The Path of the Feminine

Guidance from beloved SOPHIA | MARY | GAIA.

EXPAND your EXPRESSION Intensive (5 days)

Liberating your precious potential and sharing your true voice.

EXPRESS your TRUE YOU Intensive (10 days)

Living the expanded version of you by allowing your inner voice to lead the way, grounded and with sparks of joy.

ABUNDANCE Intensive (30 days)

Embodying your Inner Creator and allowing the ever flowing creative force to fulfill your life and contribute to humanity.

UNITY Consciousness Intensive (30 days)

Connecting your head with your heart and feel one with yourself and the world around you.

DETACH & Surrender Intensive (30 days)

Allowing, trusting and surrendering to your soul.

DETOX Intensive (30 days)

Clearing your blockages so you can fully receive what life has in store for you.