A Vision Quest on Mystical Mount Shasta: Journeys into the crystal city of Telos.

Can you imagine, lying in a sleeping bag on 3000 meter altitude, watching shooting stars, ‘alone’ on Mystical Mount Shasta. And can you then also imagine what it looks like to journey into Telos, a subterranean crystal city under this powerful mountain? Well, that’s what this story is about. It’s my personal experience that started two weeks ago and will stay with me for the rest of my life…

It was September 3 when my dear brother MiraKle King came to pick me up for our second journey on Mount Shasta. We had waited a few days for the smoky air to clear up. Yes the forest fires are also up here in Northern California. While packing my backpack and arranging my tent I suddenly got the message that I was supposed to stay on the mountain for a few days on my own. I saw a big column of sparkling light flowing from the cosmos into the mountain. “A portal wants to be opened,” I heard. “Ok, assignment accepted,” I thought excitedly.


While camping at 3000 meter altitude MiraKle and I continued the energy work that we had started around the 8:8 Lions Gate with three other friends. We had built a sacred geometry Earth/Stargate using huge stones from all around the area, with the mission to on the one hand anchor multidimensional frequencies into Mother Gaia and on the other hand help her release low vibrational energies, so that we can continue to move forward in co-creating our New Earth template together as a collective.

As you can read in a previous blog Carrier of New Earth I had been energetically pregnant for about three years, even to the point that I walked around like a five months pregnant mother-to-be. I knew that at some point I was going to release whatever I was carrying and in preparation to that, I had received several detailed visions on how it was all going to happen. So there I was in the beginning of August, surrounded by ancestors (represented by the circle of sacred stones), giving birth to first a black baby dragon and then to a beaming white crystal clear Christ consciousness baby. All energetically of course ;-).

“A big shower of light coming out of the sky and cracking me open like an egg.”

This second time on the mountain (two weeks ago) we anchored Lemurian crystals into the Earth/Stargate to further activate the remembrance of the ancient wisdom of the civilization of Lemuria. Well, I’ll tell you, it was a pretty powerful experience with a big shower of light coming out of the sky and cracking me open like an egg, helping me to shed a layer that was no longer serving me and my Mission.

Vision Quest

Then the day came that MiraKle was going to descend the mountain. I would stay up there for a few more days. He inspired me to do a Vision Quest following the Native American tradition. So I built a circle of stones with a diameter just wide enough for me to lay I gathered my sleeping bag, sleeping pad, several layers of thermo clothing, sun screen and journal and entered the circle with the intention to cleanse myself, shed more layers and energetically prepare for a deeper connection with the higher dimensional realms. I was going to dry-fast for 72 hours, so no food and no water (note: I wouldn’t recommend doing this without appropriate experience).

The first night was freezing cold. Tightly zipped in my sleeping bag with my beanie drawn over my eyes and just enough space to breath, I laid there in the deep dark nothingness that surrounded Mount Shasta. I spotted the lines of an eagle flying right over my circle and smiled. “Thank you for your medicine,” I thought. I started every day with the blessing of the golden sun, absorbing the light codes. Hours would fly by and in other moments time would feel sooooo sloooow. Hallelujah to the invention of thermo clothes for the sixteen hours a day that my circle was residing in the cold and sometimes windy shadow.

Hours of meditation, yoga, chi gong, light language and breath work  helped to keep my energy level up, my life force flowing and my focus as clear as possible. The meditative journeys deepened and for timeless hours I traveled into higher dimensional realms, discovering the inner planes of Mount Shasta and the crystal city of Telos, lying deep down below the surface of this magnificent mountain.

"I would often find myself sitting in a dark cave and from there the magic started happening."

I would always start with a heart meditation before I embarked on a multidimensional journey. My focus was to receive and work with everything that was bubbling to the surface and allow whatever was coming my way to guide me. I would often find myself sitting in a dark cave and from there the magic started happening.

I will share some of my experiences so you can get a sense of that mystical reality and be further activated on a soul level. If you have already experienced these realms, my sharing might refresh your cellular memory and strengthen the connection with your souls Mission.

Adama - High Priest of Telos

I was welcomed by a humble man dressed in white and taken into deep waters with majestic whales and playful dolphins. After entering a big white ball of light we automatically moved through a gateway into a magnificent scenery with lush green nature, pristine waters and colorful flowers. We flew on dragon-like beings racing through the air and then turned into huge eagles ourselves. I felt the immense eagle power rushing through my being. After this adventurous ride through different glorious landscapes we arrived at the entrance of a white crystal city called Telos. We were granted entry and together with my guide we hovered through the white crystal streets and arrived at the throne of a tall blonde man dressed in white. His name is Adama, the high priest and spiritual leader of Telos. 

“What can I do for you?” he asked. “What is my connection with Telos and how can I be of service to you and your people?” was my reply. “The frequency that you are going to interact and work with in these realms requires a state in which lower sabotaging frequencies cannot stick to you any longer. You are in the process of mastering the concept of detachment.” Adama told me. “That way your heart stays open all of the time, connected to the highest good of all and empowered by an impeccable way of living.” The image that I received was how I would be able to effortlessly move through a very small opening, because there were no distractions hanging around me that would have otherwise blocked my way. I had gotten a similar message two and a half years ago, and could now see how much progress I had already made on this subject.

"Adama’s wise words worked like laser beams of light in my energy field."

After my encounter with this wise priest, I was welcomed in a white healing chamber where lovely women bathed me in precious sparkling crystalline rainbow colored water. Adama’s wise words worked like laser beams of light in my energy field and assisted me in releasing the lower frequencies that no longer belonged in the upgraded version of me.


In the next meditative journey I found myself sitting on a small round platform above and surrounded by a see of flames. By allowing the flames to consume me and move through me, I entered into a new realm where I was picked up by the humble white man again. He was this time accompanied by a white wolf. Together we travelled down into Mount Shasta. We arrived at a clearing were a red buffalo, a red eagle and a red horse were awaiting me, standing around a red oval shaped ball. The guide and the wolf took on the red color as well and without any communication I knew that I was supposed to connect with this red oval ball lying on the ground. In silence they gathered in a circle around the ball and myself, holding the space for what was to come.

“Whatever it is, it is alive, that’s for sure,” I contemplated. It was like a big soft red egg with some kind of being inside. As I was about to pick it up and welcome it into my belly, I suddenly felt: “NO! DON’T let that energy merge with your being”. I instantly let go of that idea and withdrew myself from any connection to it and saw how the soft egg broke open. A massive black dragon came out of it and flew upward through the summit of Mount Shasta transforming into a white dragon and dissolving into the sky. Whew, that was a test in discernment. I had mastered a very dark energy that had the intention to highjack me. I could clearly see that this type of low frequency energy is very present on earth during these times and we are all individually invited to learn how to discern and keep our fields clear.

I was taken into the white crystal bathing chamber again to receive a rejuvenating bath. Oh I so enjoyed the loving and sweet attention of the dedicated women who took care of me and helped me release what no longer served me.

After I got back from this journey, I had to lay down for a while, impressed by the explosive power of the black dragon and the tricky test that I had passed. Besides this test, I also knew that the black dragon symbolized a corrupted energy that had been placed into Mount Shasta and that with this journey a portal was opened for that distortion to be cleared.


In the next short journey I was placed in the middle of a wide variety of black snakes. Huge thick snakes and little tiny ones. Contrary to the black dragon in the previous journey, I knew that in this case the snakes served the highest good of all and were there to help me cleanse my energy field. So I surrendered and allowed them to enter into my being and as they pushed out invisible blockages and lower frequencies. Again, a purification on a deep level.

The Twelve Masters and the Sound Alchemy Temple

Of all the journeys of this Vision Quest, I will forever cherish the following experience in my heart. After traveling again through different sceneries I arrived in the middle of a circle of women in white. A big golden chalice filled with sparkling healing crystalline water was place in front of me. The lovely priestesses danced around me in the circle and showered me with the cleansing liquid in the chalice. Slowly I merged with the chalice and became one with it. A vertical tunnel opened me and brought me back into the crystal city of Telos. I arrived in a room with twelve masters. But before I was able to communicate with them, I had to use the magic power of the emerald green and ruby red crystals to open an invisible shield that they had put up. That was another test. “How can I contribute to your civilization?” I asked them, as soon as I knew I could speak. “Rinse yourself,” they said. Silence… “Is that the message?” I thought to myself a little embarrassed and wondering if my energy field was not ‘clear’ enough. But just before leaving the space the masters gave me a golden rod. I felt it was a sign of their acceptance of me and their acknowledgement of our energetic teamwork that lies ahead of me.

"Their Mission was to maintain the high frequencies of this sacred crystal city."

Diana, a very tall priestess in white took me to a waterfall for a big rinse. Together we walked through crystal paths. On our way we passed an immense fountain of sparkling healing water and a spiraling vortex of rainbow colored energy that moved around like a fancy vacuum cleaner. The image was awe inspiring. Diana opened a massive gate and we entered the most peaceful temple I’ve ever experienced. Over hundred children dressed in orange were weaving refined filaments of light with their precious harmonious chanting voices. Their Mission was to maintain the high frequencies of this sacred crystal city. I was welcomed with a warm embrace of a loving man and whatever unconscious armor I was still carrying inside dropped while I surrendered in his arms. All children gathered around me and sang and sang and sang, connecting me with the depths of my soul…

Slowly my awareness came back into my circle of sacred stones. I approached the end of the 72 hours of my dry-fast Vision Quest. Little chip monks hopped in and out of my circle using my naked body as a kind of diving board. They felt even comfortable enough to start nibbling on my toes. It was truly hilarious! Then a grasshopper landed on my hand and apparently enjoyed the sounds of my light language while chewing on small bites of one of my fingers. As soon as the shadow had reached the right position I gratefully opened the sacred circle, concluded the Vision Quest and replenished myself with copious amounts of water.

But the journey wasn’t over yet

With my heart wide open, energetically charged like I was connected to a high voltage wire, I descended down the mountain. For various reasons I had brought way more than I needed, but the 18 kilos didn’t bother me at all. I knew that it was only going to be for a few hours because I would certainly find a ride with people that I would meet on the way down. However things didn’t really go like I had planned. There was no one to be found. It seemed like I was the only one on the mountain. “Oh well, I’ll just start walking and I’ll see what happens,” I thought. Google Maps showed me that it was about 15 kilometers to a main road, so I just continued my walk trusting that whatever was supposed to happen would happen. But nobody appeared, not one car. “How weird, what’s going on?” I wondered. I kept going with my 18 kilos on my back. Soon I understood that this heavy hike was still part of my Vision Quest. Was I able to still stay centered while put up with these challenges? At some point I started getting a little cranky when a loose part of my backpack started bothering my leg. And out of the blue I got massively blown out of my balance, almost crashing on the ground. “Keep your heart open and your focus clear. No distractions,” I heard. And so I continued, singing and making cosmic sounds while following the loooooong, winding and very sandy road. Years ago I would have felt sad, lost and alone, but now it was different. I felt like I was flying, even though the weight on my back couldn’t be ignored and started to become a big challenge. Just two kilometer before the highway a car arrived and gave me a ride for the last ten minutes. “I’ll have reception and I will call an Uber,” I promised myself. The driver told me that due to the forest fires in California all national forests in the whole state had been closed for five days. Aaaah, that was why there was no one around! So I had spent my Vision Quest literally on my own on the mountain! What a privilege ;-).

“Keep your heart open and your focus clear. No distractions.”

After three hours of waiting, hitch hiking and more waiting (no Ubers around), a dear lady offered me a ride to her house and invited me to stay over so that I could get an Uber the next day. I sensed some wobbly energy in her field so I already anticipated a bit more challenge. I therefor wasn’t too surprised that when we arrived at her house, I discovered that it was the most dirty and unorganized tiny trailer that I’d ever come across. There was just enough space in ‘my bedroom’ to place my sleeping pad on the ground. It was surrounded by stacks of books, suitcases, bags, boxes, heaps of clothes, posters and barbie dolls. Even though I had spotted a motel close by (as back up plan), I knew deep inside that I was meant to stay at this womans place. It was part of my Vision Quest. I learned that her house had burnt down in a forest fire two years ago. Her son lived with her having seizures and breakdowns every few weeks. She sold thin Hare Krishna books for a living and was most of the time under influence of marijuana. She could barely make the ends meet. “And this is not even the bottom of poverty in the United States,” I thought.

“No I don’t smoke, thank you,” I said as I friendly declined the weed. After soaking my sore body and the eight blisters on my feet in a supposedly warm (but cold) bath, we sat on her porch and I listened while she talked about Saint Germain, Hare Krishna, the New World Order, Donald Trump and bad karma. She had a big heart, that’s for sure. After a night of hardly any sleep I managed a ride from a friendly neighbor and finally arrived HOME at my precious friends’ place. This is where I rent a lovely trailer with a ‘luxurious’ bed and where I could comfortably take my time to integrate my adventures and treat my sore muscles.

The last part of this Mount Shasta assignment

But I’m not done yet… There is one more step to this assignment: anchoring the Unity Consciousness Codes into the Earth/Stargate on the mountain. So that is what MiraKle and I together with a group of people are going to do next week during a 7 day gathering. I’ll hike up again to 3000 meter and ‘finish’ what we started. The theme that I received for September is ‘Accomplishment’, well, I’d say that will be an understatement at the end of this month.

You are of course super invited to tune in while I’m on the mountain (September 24 to 30). We are connected and through that connection we can expand our powerful network of light and deepen the magical grid work.

I love you and I appreciate you. Thank you for reading all the way through the end ;-).


Online Equinox transmission

If you want, you can subscribe for the upcoming Online Equinox transmission - Tuesday September 22 -  € 15,-. I will record the transmission and post it online on Wednesday September 23 (US time).

I already see a big spiraling vortex energy moving clockwise, on the one side sweeping away what is no longer needed and on the other side attracting loads of new codes coming from our star families. “A turning point for new beginnings,” is what I hear.

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I have received messages from many of you in which you let me know that you’d love to be involved in whatever energetic way possible while I do the work on the mountain. Well, it feels that I’m supposed to organize something for all of you in which we tune in on the energies of Telos and Shasta. I’ll probably offer a few day intensive (maybe 30 minutes a day) in which I energetically share with you what I’ve absorbed and learned in the last two months. Keep an eye on your email, because I’ll probably announce it only a few days in advance. I think it will take place somewhere around the second week of October.

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