BLOG: EGYPT | Between the front legs of the Sphinx


This upcoming Monday I’m going to do something quite extraordinary. Since the beginning of January I’ve been receiving several visions and experiences of me sitting between the front legs of the Sphinx. Every time I it happened, I felt a warm wave of unconditional love flying into me, blowing my heart open. The Sphinx kept showing himself to me. Yes, now when I look at the Sphinx, she looks more feminine, but the energy that I keep feeling when we connected was pure divine masculine. I feel that the Sphinx is guarding the main entrance to the entire underground metropolis underneath the Giza Plateau. And I think that that entrance is exactly between his legs.

So… yesterday I visited the Giza Plateau and connected to the Sphinx and the pyramids. It was a powerful and exciting experience (which I’ll probably share in a later post). I discovered that I had enough signal on my phone to do a Zoom transmission. Nice! As you can understand, signal is often a challenge. Can you remember my transmission with Janosh on Mount Shasta in the middle of nowhere? Or Cathedral Rock in Sedona? Mysteriously I had enough signal back then and it looks like that’s the case now too.

So last Wednesday I set up the transmission for this Monday February 13. Since I had discovered a spot about 50 meter away from the Sphinx with good signal, I thought that would be close enough to this precious statue. But well… not between his/her front legs… Within one hour after I had put all the information online, I received messages from two dear women telling me both separately that they had had a vision of me sitting between the front legs of the Sphinx. Oh no… That can only mean one thing… I’d have to arrange that I can actually sit right there on that spot. But that’s not for free, and not even a little bit. With the incredible help of my lovely friend Adel I’ve now booked a private 1 hour between the front legs of the Sphinx (for a whopping few thousand euros). Sounds crazy? Well, as many of you know by now, I’ll do anything to fulfil the mission…

So if you look for me, this Monday February 13, I’ll be at only one place: between the front legs of the Sphinx . And if you want, you can join me online! As far as I can see now, something wants to be opened again and it has to do with the entrance to the underground city. Well, whatever it is exactly, it’s something significant, that I know. Maybe I’ll receive more information in the following days. Or maybe YOU get more insights about it. Who knows.

Since the Ministry's 'system' is down, I cannot yet say with certainty that it will take place at 7am CET as I expected it to be. Probably somewhere between 7am and 10am CET (07.00h - 10.00h Dutch time), but I'll know more this Sunday afternoon. You'll hear from me as soon as I the exact time.

Do you remember the Facebook Live transmission with the dolphins swimming underneath my kayak at Es Vedrà Ibiza? I had received the assignment to close the portal to the downfall of Atlantis and many of you joined me during that (for me) impressive moment. Now I feel that the opposite wants to happen. That which was safely hidden and locked up in a safe place before Atlantis went down, now wants to come back into our collective consciousness again. Apparently we are ready. It is about pure ancient advanced technologies that are connected to higher dimensional realms of world. To be able to do all this, I need to connect with a group of people with which we create a field of conductivity that can expand all throughout the world and beyond. I’m the voice. Since many of us feel a deep connection with ancient Egypt, I’m sure we are a great team together!

Do you feel a YES? Lovely if you join . Feel free to donate whatever feels good for you. I’d appreciate a minimum of € 15,-, and more is also very welcome - just saying . I’d love to see you this upcoming Monday February 13. From the moment you sign up, you might already feel that things start moving.