BLOG: EGYPT | Mesmerizing beauty of the Egyptian desert


With some sand still crackling between my teeth I’m thinking back on an amaaaazing journey into the Black and White desert. As soon as Tamer, my guide, driver, cook and musician, discovered that I was in for some exciting adventure he took me on a crazy Joy ride. Sand flying all over the place. While Egyptian music blasted from the speakers, I hung outside the window for the best footage and balanced on the Jeep’s rooftop to to get even better views .

Everywhere I looked were stunning natural stone sculptures shining in the bright sun underneath the deep blue sky. Walking with bare feet in the golden sand… I felt happy as a child.

I meditated and recorded transmissions in tiny crystal caves, underneath the stars, in the early morning sun and on top of a powerful black basalt mountain. Desert vibes are magical and so diverse. Light, soft, deep and compelling at the same time.

After Tamer’s Egyptian musical magic on his flutes at the campfire, I slept like a baby underneath the moon and the stars. With the help of 3 mattresses, a sleeping bag, 3 blankets, 2 leggings, 3 thermo shirts, 2 hoodies, a hat and gloves I was comfortably warm.

Now I’m back ‘home’ at Giza Plateau with a grateful heart and a bag full of local dates gifted to me from the local super welcoming family who invited me for lunch.

Thank you Adel for arranging this beautiful private tour for me 🙏🏼.