BLOG: Egypt | Mission Accomplished


Wow, what a journey! More like several journeys within this journey and then even on different levels of consciousness… Sandra has been in Egypt for the past 30 days. Ariette 3 weeks.

This journey turned out to be one big initiation. A foundation has been laid for all that is yet to come. We’ve worked together in other lifetimes that’s for sure. Everything between us went so smoothly (vloeiteloos in Dutch). Not only the entire organization of the group journey but also the learning moments. We have experienced some powerful interferences (not very loving energies to put it lightly 😉) and dealing with them wasn’t easy (at all). But the solution of whatever challenge was choosing love, keeping focus and standing firm in our vertical alignment. We have paid literally thousands of Euro’s extra to safeguard the quality of the stay of our group. We have learned how we can go through whatever and still be a great cosmic team having soooo much fun.

The hours of our hilarious laughters are forever treasured in our hearts. It rippled out to the people we met, making it lovingly contagious. This is what spirituality is all about. Feeling and embodying the JOY of life. It’s the fuel of an effortless way of living.

As we write this, our joint endeavors of these 3 weeks has come to a completion. So here’s a short wrap up, for now, as we haven’t had too many opportunities to take you with us during the travelings. Honestly: less than we would have wanted to, but this mission simply requested our full focus, presence and awareness. We will share more in the time that is yet to come, no worries, since both of us individually as well as together, have recorded many many transmissions, activations and meditations. At so many sacred sites we felt the calling to share our impressions with you, in words and via cosmic sounds / soul language. (Check out Ariëtte's Egypt Ancient Future Codes Serie and my Egypt Series | part 1 - working on part 2 at the moment).

Goodness, how to verbally describe the magic that was so palpable. The miracles that unfolded in front of our eyes, day in, day out. The support we have received of our Light team. As well as of the divine masculine ‘featured’ by the beautiful (mostly Egyptian) men who always showed up at exactly the right time. Especially in triades. The 3, the 4 and 13 seemed to be most significant…

Let us mention just a few of the numerous synchronicities we were blessed with: this group journey was all about ‘retrieving ancient sacred keys of inner wisdom’. It turned out that our whole journey had that as the theme. When we arrived at our last hotel, we both received a key to our room. On it was the following text: ‘The Key to your serenity’. Love it! On our last full day we would offer a live online guided meditation. It was on the 3rd of March. Just as we were about to leave to the meditation spot, we discovered that out of the blue, we didn’t have 2 keys, but 3!

Throughout the journey master numbers kept being displayed. To such an extend that it could not ever be explained in a rational way 😉.

When we had just said to each other we felt hungry and longed to find some good food, we wondered: How? For we were at the airport in Cairo at that moment. Guess what? Instead of having to buy the ‘fake food’ sold at a lunch corner, the people who worked there invited us to enjoy an amazing traditional Egyptian meal together with them! It was the first time they’d ever done that. Ánd they insisted we should not pay for it. We had so much fun with them. We will always treasure what they gave us, the food and the laughter we shared. One of the countless, priceless, unforgettable moments.

Our mission for this journey is now accomplished. Do you remember when Sandra went kayaking to Es Vedrà to close the portal to the downfall of Atlantis? Well, now the portal giving acces to precious multidimensional ancient and future wisdom from other timelines and lifetimes has been opened. We as a collective have increasingly more access again to the valuable advanced technologies from eons ago and ahead of time.

With a big smile and a grateful heart we are now heading back to France (Ariëtte) and the Netherlands (Sandra). Knowing that our next Egypt group journey is awaiting us in the fall 2023. Inshallah. If you want to stay tuned about our new plans, sign up for the waiting list and we will let you know as soon as we have more information to share.

Oh and the replay of our 3:3 Egypt Sacred Keys & Codes Guided Light Code Meditation/Activation live from Sinaï is now available (get it here).

So much love,
Ariëtte & Sandra