BLOG: EGYPT | The great pyramid and the golden key


Today is a very special day. Yes, it's my birthday and I celebrated it here on the Giza Plateau, but that's not all. I had an unforgettable experience this morning during a multidimensional journey on the temple grounds in front of the Great Pyramid. Before I go into that, I’ll need to share an impressive detail. On December 18 2022 I received the message from my beloved He Who Sees He Who Knows that he would send a man on my path who was going to be very important in my endeavor to complete the mission at Giza Plateau. He advised me to follow the suggestions of this man and surrender to his loving and helpful presence. He would be an important part of the accomplishment of my energetic assignment. So when I stepped out of the taxi right into the welcoming arms of Adel Real King, I instantly knew that he was the man sent on my path and that I could trust him with my life.

His guesthouse feels like a home to me and I can visit the pyramids whenever I want. It’s only 15 seconds walk to the entrance so this morning I decided to do just that. Adel had advised me to go to a specific spot in front of the Great Pyramid, so that’s where I went. My eye fell on a number of doves flying in and out of a deep shaft and I knew that that had to be the spot. So I settled down and the multidimensional journey began. I felt the power vibrating in the air and the cosmic sounds came flowing out. The ground cracked open all over Giza Plateau. A plasma pyramid arose from the ground. Where the Great Pyramid feels mainly masculine, this plasma pyramid was very feminine. Soon I saw gigantic wings and there she was: Isis. She was here to assist in bringing back balance between the masculine & feminine.

Suddenly I heard some sharp whistling sounds only 50 meter away from me. A guard came walking into the space where I was deep into my journey. I startled. “Do I need to leave?”, I gestured. “No, not you. You stay here and don’t stand up. That way nobody will see you and you can continue what you do.” He said. He continued blowing his whistle, telling other people to get away from this place. I was astonished. This was an angel clearing the space for me to be sure that today’s mission could be accomplished here. When I was on Mount Shasta in 2020, something similarly miraculous happened. While I was on my 72 hour vision quest on 3000 meter altitude, the national park had been closed due to dangerous forest fires. So while I was travelling into Telos and releasing the gigantic black dragon, there was no one on the mountain, except for me. The area had to be cleared of other people. Just like what happened today on the sacred temple ground. I mean… wow…

So I continued my journey. The Plasma pyramid, Isis… the ground expanded, high dimensional beams of advanced technology entered into the ground and started to clear and re-activate the underground metropolis. Tears were raining down on my cheeks. I felt such a release and a beautiful blessing from Isis. “I am taking care of Giza Plateau.” The air felt pregnant. Beings of light all around. Lion beings on their posts all over Giza Plateau. So powerful. I was going deeper and deeper. And then…

The Egyptian guard came checking on me. “Is everything ok?” He asked me while looking into my face wet of tears and completely bursting with love. “How long do you still need?” “30 minutes,” I said. I took his hand and blessed him into the heavens and back. He really was an angel arranging this safe and clear space for me. I felt so much support. The doves were now flying around me. “The foundation is being restored to how it used to be, thousands of years ago.” I heard. Pillars of light everywhere and old stuck energy came bursting out through the surface of the earth. And that’s when a massive light ship appeared in the full periphery of the underground metropolis. I saw how it was connecting to a similar light ship high up in the sky. The communication between those two ships is now restored and they can start the next fase of the re-activation of Giza Plateau.

Slowly everything calmed down and I was being held in the hands of a number of light beings. Total surrender. Completely carried. That’s when the divine masculine could merge with my field. Divine Union. Total bliss. And as a result of this cosmic embrace a golden key was born into reality, which I am now carrying inside of me. This key is necessary for the next part of the mission: opening the entrance to the Metropolis, between the front legs of the Sphinx. And right when all of this had happened, the guard came back and told me that it was time to leave. Divine timing to the max…

This Monday I will host the Sphinx transmission somewhere between 7am and 10am CET (07.00h - 10.00h Dutch time) - time to be decided on Sunday. You are super welcome to join Monday’s transmission. Check out my timeline to read my previous blog about the guiding process that brought me to this special upcoming event. I’ve paid a few thousand euros for a 1 hour private visit, so that I can sit between the legs of the Sphinx, because that’s where the last part of this specific mission needs to happen.

By the way, I recorded today’s journey and it will be part of the Egypt Series that will hopefully be available from tomorrow or Monday.

I love you,