BLOG | Healing the Cracks

The chalice with cracks

This morning when I contemplated on my next blog I received an image of ‘a chalice with cracks’. I instantly knew that the chalice represents the Holy Grail and the connection with your divine life force. The cracks represent the subconscious memories of situations where your connection with your inner power got weakened. Situations of loss, destruction, downfall, deception and defeat. We’ve all had related experiences in this life and other life times. Think for example of the fall of Atlantis. Many of us lived around that time. Or what about a life in which your native tribe was killed. Or you were burnt on the stake as a Cathar in Southern France. Or you played a role in the witch hunt. Or think of the First and Second World War. Not to mention abuse in one way or another. Just to name a few. Maybe you already feel shivers running up and down your spine. You may even want to stop reading now, because you don’t want these pains to be triggered. But what if this is the time to heal them all…


Based on your memories of loss, destruction, downfall, deception and defeat, you’ve become convinced that you can lose your power, be dominated and controlled. In a subtle or less subtle way, you subconsciously created a belief that ‘the other’ is stronger than you are, leaving you at times with a feeling of powerlessness. But what if losing your power is actually an illusion. Power is who you are. It is your Essence, the God spark inside of you. It is always there. You cannot loose it.

Changing your reality

You are the creator of your own reality. As within so without: you attract the reality that matches the frequencies that you carry in your energy field. Whatever experiences you’ve had, you hold memories of it in your field. All memories have a certain vibration. So if an experience was traumatic, you carry memories of pain in your field and will attract more pain. That is how memories dictate your reality. You are being met with similar situations over and over again until you’ve learned your lessons and healed your pain. Then next time you won’t attract a similar situation, because the related vibrations don’t exist in your field any longer. You’ve cleared your energy field and will automatically start attracting a higher vibratory reality of love, joy and playfulness. The subconscious programs of failure, fear and pain will slowly fade away.

Discomfort is a catalyst for growth and evolution. It is meant to help heal your feelings of fear, anger, guilt, shame and grief. You don’t need to suffer if you don’t resist the lessons that you are offered to learn. Can you even feel grateful for it? That will make life lighter and more effortless despite challenging situations. It will fire up your life force and your creativity, allowing you to come up with solutions for things that you could not have imagined before.

Face it and embrace it

Let’s share a little story of my own: in the last 11 years I’ve met a great variety of different off-planetary beings that we as humans don’t see every day (understatement). Most of them were and are super lovely beings and assisting us with the evolution of humanity. However I’ve also had uncomfortable encounters with beings who really freaked me out. So what could I do? Running away wouldn’t work. And calling a friend for help in the middle of the night was useless too. The only option was to ‘face it and embrace it’. I learned to see these beings as reflections of parts of myself. Our perception of reality is based on our memories from the past. Because of my own unpleasant memories, I subconsciously projected that onto these beings which made them look horrific. Subsequently that justified the fear that I carried inside. So my challenge was to change my perception by healing my painful memories. And after doing the healing work, my reality would instantly change. The beings would dissolve into a big wave of light or transform into very lovely ones. 


It doesn’t matter if it is a politician, a family member, a friend, a colleague or an off-planetary being, if you feel triggered by them, go within and heal your wounds. Don’t fight but invite. Stay open and in connection with your heart. Feel your feelings instead of shutting down and running away. Take your responsibility. They are your helpers, pointing you in the direction of where you need to look for what’s going on inside of you. They assist you in your personal journey of dis-covering your massive inner light power. Keep in mind that everything is a blessing and sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. You cannot change that politician, family member, friend, colleague or off-planetary being. You can only change yourself and that will change your reality. That is how energy works. Just like gravity, you cannot deny it. It is so empowering.

So if you wonder how you could be of more service to humanity at this time… Do your inner work. Day in day out. Cleanse and transform yourself. Learn. Grow. Evolve. That’s how we as a collective can rise above separation and come together as one.

The cracks in the chalice have now changed into the most amazing decorations. The Holy Grail has returned to her original divine greatness.

If you feel you could use some help with healing your memories and changing your perception of reality, I'm available for one-on-one sessions in person and online ❤️.

Much love,