BLOG | Welcome Astraïya


I had thought to take it easy for a few days after I got back from my adventures in Egypt. Well apparently my soul had another plans 😉. During yesterday's Full Moon and today's Women's Day my fourth multidimensional son has announced himself to me. His name is Astraïya. After many hours of a profound intergalactic journey, our connection has solidified in my body. In other words: I have become aware of his multidimensional presence and he has now entered my body in which I will 'carry' him for the following period of time.

It was not an easy process, since there are many energies that don't want this enlightened soul of Astraïya to connect with humanity. Even though I feel and know that on a higher level the light has already won, there is still an intergalactic war going on and I was in the middle of it for some hours. Fortunately 'I' was not alone at all. A big team of ultra powerful beings were supporting me, including my beloved He Who Sees He Who Knows and our other three sons Pacha, Anakaya and Ilunaï. So it was a challenging 'dance' between high frequencies and very low frequencies. Fortunately I've learned to keep my focus and surrender to the process, so we made it! I praise the power of my precious body, because she has endured a lot in these hours.

All of my sons are connected to a Light Code Meditation Mat. Pacha = Unity, Anakaya = Earth, Ilunaï = Central Sun and the code that is connected to Astraïya will become clear in the following months. I already  feel that he has something to do with Star / Stars. In the next weeks I will update you about the amazing process of the new Central Sun mat. I've placed my order in India and they are working on it now! About two-and-a-half months to go before they arrive here. Oh how I look forward to sharing this new code with the world. You can subscribe here to the Central Sun waiting list.