CELEBRATION TIME! I hereby present to you the NEW Central Sun Light Code Meditation Mat!


With a BIG smile on my face I introduce to you this brand-new precious Central Sun Light Code Meditation Mat. The code was birthed in September last year and has since then been a potent accelerator in my life. Just like Unity is connected to Pacha, Earth to Anakaya, this Central Sun code is connected to my third cosmic son: Ilunaï (The Radiant One). 

Our collective spiritual evolution

All three codes are a result of an ongoing multidimensional pregnancy that started in October 2016. I’m happy that I don’t physically look 5 months pregnant anymore, which was the case in 2019 during a period of 7 months. I remember being in my bikini on the beach in India and Indian women would walk up to me, touch my naked belly and ask when I was due… Oh my goodness, seriously?… I even had the crazy pregnancy cravings! Now, years later, I feel as a birthing portal through which multidimensional beings can come to Earth to assist in our collective spiritual evolution. You can see the Unity, Earth and Central Sun code as the cosmic sacred geometric signatures of the beings that are connected to it.

Multidimensional portal

The Central Sun code has played a significant role in the grid work during my recent travels. In February the Central Sun sample was sent from India to Caïro and was taken to Aswan in Egypt (a thousand thanks to Adel). There it underwent a special welcoming ceremony in the temple of Isis and was subsequently deeply rooted into Mother Earth on the top of Mount Sinai where I was together with my precious sister Ariëtte. A few months later I brought the Central Sun mat to the OerCirkel events and invited each participant to experience the power of this multidimensional portal. The code passionately assisted with the realignment and reactivation of everyone present, including the sacred Dutch Hunebedden. I see the Central Sun's impact as a multi-colored swirling vortex that moves like an energetic tornado, reshuffling, rewiring, realigning whatever is ready to reconnect with the divine.

Divinely timed

Then in July I thought I was energetically ready to receive the first batch of newly embroidered Central Sun mats. However, I discovered that instead of 3 days, it would take more than 7 weeks for the shipment to be delivered in the Netherlands! I understood that I had to energetically prepare myself even more to be able to stay anchored enough when all these mats would be spread all over the world. So I worked with the Central Sun mat in the magical stone circles and crop circles of England & Scotland. All of it has had a beautiful heart-opening impact on me and my innate power, the rushing life force within, flows stronger than ever before. And now, NOW, I can say I’m ready to share this beloved Central Sun mat with all of you 🙏🏽. Hallelujah!

Groundbreaking transformative power

Imagine a Light Code Meditation Mat as a cosmic portal in your home or at work. A charging station if you will. Stand, sit and sleep on it and you enter into a powerful field of divine love.

The Central Sun mat assists you in weaving a web of cosmic light within your physical body and your light body. It allows your sacred inner fire to grow, your focus to strengthen and your divine drive to more strongly lead the way. You can then be better able to receive the signals from your soul and convert them into concrete actions that optimally contribute to the realisation of your soul’s path. The groundbreaking transformative power of this code is not to be underestimated. Whatever you have 'swept under the carpet' will be invited to the surface to be faced and embraced. This code encourages you to come out of your comfort zone and be the embodied greatness that you are.

Unity, Earth and Central Sun work closely together. All three codes have their unique way to bring balance and harmony. You can read more about that here.


A few reviews

Here are some of the reviews from the ones who where the first few to work & play with the Central Sun mat:

“The Central Sun code ☀️. This joyful connector has a special place in my heart ❤️. This code connects and aligns my body and all my systems with the cosmic and earthly energies. Every cell opens and turns to this loving, effervescent light. This code brings me clarity also where I cannot yet see it myself. A raw and magical love in pure connection with the Central Sun, the sun inside my heart and the sun inside Mother Earth 🙏” - Brigitte (Read all experiences)

“The Central Sun mat has become a regular part of my life. At night it goes to bed with me and I lie under it. During the day when I'm working at my computer, it's on my office chair. And when I have clients for Soul Embodiment Therapy (trauma healing), they lie on the mat as energetic support during their session. The Central Sun code gives me a feeling of lightness and security at the same time. It's one of the ways for me to recharge myself. Because I guide so many people, this is an easy way to take good care of myself. PS: I sometimes have to laugh at myself, walking around the house carrying the Central Sun mat wherever I go.” - Titia (Read all experiences)

"The Central Sun mat hit me like a gentle love bomb… it made me melt. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I don't sit on the mat, I place the mat on my lap and my whole pelvic area gets warm. Very pleasant. The energy of the mat with its codes opens the frequencies in my pelvis and abdomen and from there she softens my heart. 💛 The cats have also found the mat. They lie on it in turns." - Mira (Read all experiences)