Executive Producer of my Soul

From the beginning of April I settled again in my lovely house-on-the-mountain in Ibiza (Spain). What a comforting peaceful space on the one hand … and what a swirling inspiration is present at the same time. It feels like a large cosmic faucet has been turned on from which new ‘assignments’ are dripping down onto me (or rather: showering, splashing and gushing). Assignments, because they are all practical ideas that can be put into practice. I experience myself at the moment as a ‘receiving station’ that converts the cosmic frequencies into applicable information for our earthly life.

Executive producer
In a previous blog I wrote that I experience my soul as the tour guide and I follow her guidance. Well, it currently feels like I am the executive producer of my soul :-). She comes with countless ideas and knows the big picture. I have a bit (!) of an idea of ​​that big picture, but I can’t quite comprehend everything of course. So, I just work out what comes through and trust that that is exactly the puzzle piece that fits in the middle of the other puzzle pieces.

Big picture
Looking at this process from the perspective of the ‘explanatory mind’, a question might arise such as: “Don’t you have to know first if people will accept it and work with it, before you start developing all of this?” Well, sometimes this little voice wants my attention, but I know it’s an old program. I can’t do and want to do anything else anymore but ‘just’ follow my soul, go ahead and trust, knowing that all this is what wants to happen and fits within the big picture.

We are the power of creation itself, and if we fully feel it, acknowledge it and take responsibility for it, then we are capable of manifesting incredibly powerful things. In every moment, you create the next moment. And what you experience is based on your own perception and set of beliefs and state of energetic harmony. So you may want to know and understand the big picture before you take the next step, but that is just the opposite of how our self-creating capacity works. That bigger picture only comes about after you’ve taken the next step. And the more each step is connected to your inner compass, the more you live in surrender to the inspirational life force that flows through you.

For the collective consciousness
This whole flow of inspiration began with the ‘assignment’ to organize three online 30-day programs, starting on specific dates: DETOX Intensive (May 1), DETACH & Surrender Intensive (June 1) and UNITY Consciousness Intensive (July 1). So I did not ‘come up with this with my thinking mind’, but it came in as: this is what wants to happen for the awakening-process of the collective consciousness. Period. “But isn’t that a bit too intense for me? 90 days in a row?” But immediately I knew: “I haven’t received this assignment for nothing, so I’ll be able to handle it.”

Endless flow
From a certain perspective we can sometimes be afraid of feeling overwhelmed, unable to handle everything that comes when we surrender to the flow of inspiration. “Please give it to me step by step, otherwise I will no longer have the overview and cannot handle it.” However, that is ‘just’ the mind trying to understand everything, accompanied by the fear of losing control. If you take optimal care of yourself so you can be in a peaceful state feeling your inner silence, you can stay connected with your core. The more you are aligned with your essence, your soul, the more firmly you can stay in the center of that endless bubbling flow of healing inspiration. And when a fear comes up, it offers you the chance to feel it, acknowledge it and move through it, so that you are less and less bothered by those limiting hurdles and can then sink deeper into the surrender to the path of your soul.

So much love,