The invitation of the spinning centrifuge

I’m still in Valle Diamante (Diamond Valley), Costa Rica, living with friends in the mountains and jungle. People from around the world have gathered here over the years to experience and explore a life in harmony with nature. This area is such a great vortex; a portal that connects the higher dimensions with our earthly realms. What an appropriate place for me to be during these dynamic times.

Elevate the frequency
During the last ten years, I received many visions and insights about a time where our world would ‘spin like a centrifuge’. It felt familiar. Like many of us, I’ve had memories about a similar ‘spinning time’ that happened during the epochs of Lemuria and Atlantis. The images and sensations that I picked up on for what was about to unfold for us, gave me a strong warrior feeling that said: ‘Ok, bring everything on my path that I need as a preparation for these times, so I’ll be able to fully hold my ground and stay aligned when the world seems upside down’. And here we are in this time of great collective transformation and I am grateful that many people around the world are as committed and dedicated as I am to elevate the frequency of our collective consciousness.

“To lift ourselves into a higher vibration, we are invited to work together with the realms that have already risen above our present frequency.”

We are invited to fully open up to our multidimensional selves and become bridges between the earthly realms and the higher dimensions. We will then automatically reconnect on a deeper level with the highest version of ourselves, the brilliant source of creative energy that we are. It’s a process of total embodiment of the light, grounding it into our planet so that advanced knowledge, wisdom and interdimensional help can flow into our consciousness and transmute the lower frequencies that are now coming to our collective awareness. This advanced knowledge, wisdom and help goes beyond the comprehension of the mind. So to lift ourselves into a higher vibration, we are invited to work together with the realms that have already risen above our present frequency.

Free from fear
The interesting paradox in this is that the help that I’m talking about is not outside of ourselves. It’s part of us. We are the same source. It’s not the universe that will help us. We are the universe. We are the creators ourselves. The more we free ourselves from our fears, the more we are able to surrender to the unknown: that what the mind doesn’t know, can’t control and doesn’t understand. We can then effortlessly allow and trust the higher vibrational energies to take the lead. When we truly experience the love that we are and fully acknowledge our light, the connection with the multidimensional realms will completely open and ‘new’ possibilities and creative solutions that we have never considered before will flow into our awareness.

“Finger pointing and judgement will be replaced by unconditional acceptance and gratitude.”

Cosmic connection
Some of us are on the verge of totally breaking open to that full-force cosmic connection while anchored in the physical body. That is when the divine feminine and divine masculine merge. That’s unity consciousness: the light completely embodied. Finger pointing and judgement will be replaced by unconditional acceptance and gratitude, because we know that everyone of us plays an equally important part in this collective game of transformation. As soon as a great enough group of people around the world has experienced this breakthrough, there will be enough ‘light stations’ to receive all interdimenstional / intergalactic support that is needed for the great transformative leap in our collective consciousness. So please, don’t wait for this spinning centrifuge to stop, for it is just exactly what we need for us to break free from our inner entanglements and rise up as a lotus emerges out of the mud.

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