The mission continues: Re-igniting a hidden network of light

Bit by bit I’m receiving insights on why I’m staying in Maastricht and especially in this specific house. As many of you know I experience my life as one big mysterious adventure in which I travel from one place to another, receiving soul assignments along the path.

This house in Maastricht was sold to its new owners last year. However just literally at the last minute of the house transfer, my friend (owner of this house) pulled the plug and reversed the sale. He had no clue why. He just suddenly felt that this house wasn’t supposed to be sold yet.


Months later, he out of the blue felt called to invite me to take care of the house. I instantly saw a massive ball of white light in this place, so I said yes. This was my next destination. This house, this space, feels as a living being. She feels as a wise grandmother and a young lovely mother in one. I’ve never experienced a house in this way. I started cleaning the house with a lot of precision. It felt as though I was bathing a wise woman who had been hiding herself behind protective layers of invisibility for a very long time. I felt so much love. It was (and still is) a great cleansing process to rub off the old energetic layers and allow the original fountain of light to effortlessly enter the house again from deep inside of Mother Earth. For the next period of time, I am the guardian of this sacred space, like a monk is taking care of his monastery.

Divine Feminine

From the moment I moved in, glimpses of my new assignment revealed itself. I feel that this house is located on a very powerful spot / light hub. It looks like a massive diamond in the ground. And from here there is an invisible light power line going to the Cathar region of Southern France. This sacred energy line is connected to Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and stores deep ancient wisdom. I feel both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene very present here in Maastricht as well, just like in the South of France. This sacred house light is supposed to be restored in its full glory. In that way more divine light and empowering wisdom can flow again into our collective consciousness, activating and restoring the connection with our inner divine feminine. For this to happen I’m guided to go to the Cathar region…

Deep Restoration

I’ll be in the South of France for a few weeks in July, camping at Terra Nova Center. And from there I’ll know which sacred places to visit. The land is calling me. Something wants to be completed there. Deep collective memories want to be restored. In that way the wisdom that has been stored for so long can be unlocked and become accessible again for a greater part of humanity. I see a wave of light coming out of this area as soon as the mission is completed. It looks like a women that has given birth to her own light. The light had been hidden behind great layers of protection. It doesn’t have to be guarded and kept secret any longer. It is safe now. This is the time that the world needs it most.

Arteries of light

From that birthing of light, several ‘arteries’ of light will all start lightening up and connecting light hubs with one another. That’s how the light hub here in this house in Maastricht will be re-activated. And that will have a great radiating ripple effect on the surrounding countries and the rest of the world.

The energy is building up already. I'm being prepared. I surrender to this mission. It feels as quite a big one. But I know that I never receive more than I can handle. So it’ll all be fine ;-).

I’ll make an online Light Code series of this whole journey. So if this story resonates, stay tuned…

So much love ❤️