My name is Sandra de Vos. A journey of discovery, that’s how I experience life. Curious about the magic that connects everything. With a deep knowing that with patience and trust this magic will gradually unfold.

Some people call me a shaman, others see me as a sound healer, a channel, a healer, a soul activator, an intuitive, a metaphorical storyteller, a catalyst, a cosmic dancer or even an energetic vacuum cleaner. If you mix it all together, I think you’ll get close to describing what I do. Read more about me here.

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  1. Hi Sandra, I have to write you right away, sitting on my couch here in Hamburg crying … there is so much happening for me right at this moment in time and i am happy to get to know you, thanks to my friend Kaija, you just met in the South of France.
    Your story gives me a lot of power and hope as I see myself living a life like yours – there is „just“ a lot of fear that needs to be transformed and a new way of gaining money. I know since a long time that my path is no paved one, that there is work to do and places to find.
    I love the way how you surrender to your soul and go wherever she calls you to go to.

    After ten years back in Germany I almost forgot what traveling a a free life is like …

    I just spent almost three weeks in the South of France and loved it so much – I can’t believe the kind of life I’m living here in Hamburg. Something needs to happen. I hear the call and need to jump at the right moment in time – not to forget, how I was feeling traveling and being free and grounded, connected to the pulse of life.

    At the moment, there is so much happening in my life already, but I love to have a Zoom session with you, once the time feels right.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and thank you so much for opening my heart like you just did with your story 🙂

    Love and light from Hamburg 🧡

    • Thank you for your message dear Christiane ❤️. How beautiful that you remember how it was to travel and be free, grounded and connected to the pulse of life. So you know how that feels and that can help you to make choices again that will bring back that spark of life. So much love for you and for Kaija. I’m here for a session if the time feels right. 🌹🌸🌹

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