The Rise of Atlantis

Everything is coming together. We are in the last stage of healing the wound of separation, the trauma of the downfall of the ancient civilization of Atlantis. It has been a root cause of some deep sabotaging programs within us. It’s that trauma that is now ready to be fully transformed on a collective level.

The pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place yesterday. But before I get into that, I’ll share a bit of my personal story, to give you a broader perspective. Besides, my experience might resonate with you on a deep level as well.

Civilization of Unconditional Love
My awareness of Atlantis increased when I visited the magical rock Es Vedra on the coast of Ibiza (Spain) in October 2015. I didn’t really know that the energy of this place was so potent, so I was blown away when I stood there and a waterfall of tears came out of nowhere. I was flooded with visions on how the ‘Civilization of Unconditional Love’ was being swept away by waves and waves of water. For quite a while I couldn’t stop crying. I felt an incredible feeling of guilt creeping over me. As if it was my fault that this downfall happened.

Healing a collective wound
Later I realized that I had re-experienced the fall of Atlantis while visiting Es Vedra. Several times afterwards I had similar visions of immense waves of water, destructing everything. And I couldn’t save the destruction, whatever I tried. I felt helpless and powerless. As I was already used to healing deep (collective) trauma I allowed everything to come to the surface and be healed step by step.

In May 2017 I had a vision of selling my house in Amsterdam and moving to Ibiza. So the next day I set everything in motion, sold my house a month later and moved to Ibiza. I had no idea what was the ‘greater’ plan, so I just followed as if I were blindfolded and not knowing what would happen the next day. The cosmic sounds and light language started to pick up while I was enjoying my time in my house on the little mountain.

The fall of Atlantis
Then on March 4 2018, while participating in a shamanic ceremony, I was almost literally blown away. I re-lived the collective energy of greed, manipulation, misuse of power and the absence of love in a very vivid way. While in the moment, I had no idea where it all came from and what it meant, but one thing was clear: I was about to heal this egoic aspect of humanity and the corresponding energetic imprints that I held in my dna.

Shortly after I realized that that low frequency energy was related to the fall of Atlantis. I was experiencing the energies again and was taken back into the time when Atlantis was collapsing. For a few days I literally couldn’t look at myself in the mirror out of feelings of guilt and shame. How could I ever be trusted if ‘I’ was one of the causes for that advanced civilization of Unconditional Love to fall? Although I quickly realized on a higher level that I didn’t have to take this personal and that I was tapping into a traumatized aspect of our collective consciousness, I did take it personal for a few days.

Can I be trusted?
Deep healing happened. The fear of not being able to be trusted with the immense power that I was about to tap into. I know from many group and one-on-one sessions that many of us feel that invisible fear: what if I cannot be trusted with that innate life force energy that wants to come through? That’s where some of our most persistent subconscious sabotaging programs originate from. They try to sway you off the path of love / the path of your soul, because you are somewhere deep inside afraid of losing it again.

Receiving and wisdom
After 11 months of living on Ibiza I received two quite cryptical dreams that my next journey would lead to Hawaii. So I left Ibiza and, among other things, lived in a van on vast planes of lava on the Big Island of Hawaii for 6 weeks, climbed volcanos and visited heiaus (sacred sites). It was quite a dynamic time to say the least. It was far from happily chilling on the beach so to speak ;-). I experienced how countless ancestors arose from the lava and asked me to be a vessel for bringing back ancient wisdom into our collective consciousness, so we could remember it again. I said yes and had no idea what I agreed upon. Hours and hours of light language and cosmic sounds came through day after day. As if I was a microphone around which the ancestors gathered to share their wisdom.

As I was receiving all those high frequencies, lower frequency energies that resided in my dna started to collapse like the Tower card in the tarot. Even though Hawaii is incredibly beautiful I was as incredibly happy to leave these tropical islands again, so that I could have some rest.

Precious Ruby & Emerald
As everything is being provided for, that desired rest came during my time in India in the beginning of 2019. No strong groundbreaking energies that broke me open and apart on a deeper level. No, just very potent and loving energy that allowed me to this time happily chill on the beach. But yes I got a soul assignment as well… I had to find a ruby crystal and an emerald crystal and have them made in two separate rings. Not little tiny polished ornaments, but big rough stones. I didn’t know why, but as I’m used to by now, I just followed my feelings and had them made.

And here we are: July 2019. I’m living on Ibiza again for a while and completely focussing on one 30-day online program every month. The theme for this month’s 30-day journey is UNITY Consciousness. It has been quite a ride… It sometimes felt like we were digging ourselves a way through a massive mountain, because there was just no other way than move through it. Feeling as if we made progress millimeter by millimeter. But now suddenly things start to pick up…

Magic happens
In the first week of this month I had a clear dream about my emerald ring being broken into two. Since then I was carefully protecting it while swimming in the sea. A week later I realized that my ring was indeed broken, for real! The crystal in my ring is quite special, because it’s a twin-emerald, meaning two separate emerald crystals were stuck together. So the two parts had now separated! I was in bliss, to the surprise of the man I asked to glue them back together again. What a meaning! Unity is al about healing the wounds of separation and then coming together again. After some research I discovered that one of the emerald properties is UNION and healing the divine feminine. Well, how appropriate…

Since the break of the emerald crystal, I’ve started to see emerald green colors in everything. I’m dreaming about emeralds and even simply closing my eyes already fills me with emerald green inside, like a light that is being switched on. Why? That became clear yesterday…

Completely free
I re-connected with an old friend of mine, Nanette Winnubst, and after listening to one of my latest trasmissions she excitedly said: “The sounds that you bring forth, take me back to the times of Atlantis! That’s how we communicated back then!” That was the clue… Almost immediately after our inspiring conversation, I entered into a state where visions started pouring in. I was taken underwater and could see how an immense black animal-like being was residing under water. It felt trapped. And intuitively I knew what the image meant: this huge  black being was ready to be released. He had been there for the right amount of time and was now ready to be freed completely. The trauma of sunken Atlantis is now ready to be fully transformed and be released.

How can we ever live in UNITY when our subconscious is still resonating with unhealed memories of separation and loss?

Emerald related to the Capital City of Atlantis
After a quick research on Google with the words ‘emerald + atlantis’, it all fell even more into place: the capital city of Atlantis, called City of Poseida was also called the Emerald city, because of its [quote:] “shimmering glowing Aurora of Emerald Green, visible for miles”. On the island of Poseida, before the downfall [quote:] ”People on Poseida were devoutly spiritual people and sought equality among the people and a unification of Oneness. Their Society was feminine Matriarchal in the sense of ‘nurturing’. They were not seekers of Power, rather of Harmony.” (Please find the link to the article below).

Golden Age
So dear beautiful you, if you’ve read the whole story and I’m still having your attention, I’m positive that you are consciously or subconsciously one of those in the front, leading the way for the UNITY Consciousness to be the new standard again. I feel that, after the Galactic New Year on July 26 we’ll slowly but surely start rebuilding what we know as the Golden Age of Atlantis. It’s then our task to step forward and manifest from a place of love and abundance.

As a confirmation of my feelings, I read in the same article:
“Masters, it is the Return of that Matriarchal Society, a culture and spiritual energy of sublime balance, termed the ‘Law-of-One’. It is, the long awaited “Completion”, the Changing of the Past. It is the new beginning of the Spiritual Application of the Law-of-One. It is the Ascension, the Crystalline Age…and this time you will ‘get it right’.”

The 30-day program starting on August 1 has the theme ABUNDANCE. After writing the description and intentions for this journey I discovered that I hadn’t mentioned the word money even once. Money is just a side effect. If we focus on being of service to humanity by following the guidance of our soul, everything that will attribute to a joyful and fulfilled life will automatically come our way.

And to finish this all up: the Lions Gate Transmission of August 8 has the theme ‘Completion’. To me this theme means: the total embodiment of our soul, so we can start building New Earth from a place of inner balance and harmony.

I’m grateful for being on this journey with you.
Wow, what a powerful transformative time we live in!
We are changing history.
Our transformation has a great and positive impact on the rest of our universe.

So much love,


Artist of this image is unknown, found it on Pinterest.