Trust, even when you feel blindfolded

I had scheduled a live online transmission for yesterday. It was going to take place through a live internet connection, while sitting on the sacred land that I thought was the place where it ‘needed’ to happen. When I went there the day before, I was almost flying. I felt so much energy. Two eagle-like birds which I had never seen before appeared in front of the car. I knew this was going to be a very powerful transmission. The internet connection was strong enough. Perfect, I was well prepared for the session, I thought….

Which way?
And then yesterday things suddenly changed when I arrived on the land… Even though the internet connection looked still good on my phone, I couldn’t connect with Zoom. My laptop and iPhone got super slow. It felt like everything came to a stand still.

The time went by, I tried all kinds of things, but it didn’t work. There I was, wondering what wanted to happen. Whenever the energy is so dragging and slow, I know that there is another road to take. So which one? 🤔.

Divinely guided
And that is when an ‘angel’ arrived. I had met Lorna a week before and we instantly felt a strong connection. Even though I had decided to cancel the physical group gathering and make it a live online session, she insisted on joining me on the land. Ok, if you insist, then that should have a reason, so I agreed. Being just 20 minutes before the start of the transmission, I sent her off with her car to find me a new place on the property with even more internet connection. Of course I could go ‘home’ and record it there, but I knew that that was not what wanted to happen. It needed to happen on the land. After some minutes she called me to say that she found the perfect spot, not far from where I was.

It worked!
So I arrived on the spot. Wow, beautiful. But… my signal was even less (one bar of 4G). “I need to let everybody know that this live session is going to be cancelled”, I said. 60 people were already waiting. “No no”, she said, “I still feel that it is going to work out!” And I knew that I could trust her, I just didn’t understand how this would still work. “Let’s at least try to connect with Zoom”. So I did and yessss, the connection was made, there I was! I was so surprised… How interesting to hardly have any reception on my phone and this time it all worked out perfectly! My laptop and phone were back to normal again..

Stay flexible
Lorna told me that surprisingly enough she had already visited this specific place a year before… Isn’t this fascinating… She definitely needed to be there to assist me in finding the right spot. It was an as powerful vortex place as the one that I had in mind.

If we are willing to stay flexible with our inner guidance, even though it might feel that we are blindfolded and have no idea about the answer, just stay open so that the right people, insights and interventions can flow in and guide our way.

Keep your focus
Based on previous experiences, I also know that when the energy feels slow and dense just before a transmission, it means that the lower frequencies are already presenting themselves to be included in the transmission, ready to be transformed and make space for lighter energies to come in. That has taught me to just witness those energies, let them move without trying to understand them and keep the focus on the most effortless and joyful flow possible. It requires a strong inner focus and trust to stay present and grounded while being in ‘stormy and unclear weather’. And hey, it worked again! The live transmission was so powerful! We opened up our cosmic channels while connecting to deeper depths of the physical realms.

The light came back
But the story is not over yet. Exactly at the moment that I was ready to publish the recording online, there was a power outage. Not only in our house, but in the whole valley… Not only for a few seconds (that happens every day), but for at least 45 minutes. “Can you finally finish your recording, so that the power comes back again?” my friend Uma said while laughing. And yes, just by being creative and staying tuned to the possibilities instead of impossibilities, I managed to upload everything with hardly any mobile internet connection. And guess what… As soon as everything was published online, the power came back and the light turned back on.

Click here to listen to the light code activation

– Love -✌🏽