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A sacred space for purification & regeneration

Open daily for the next couple of days / weeks

    • 9pm CET (21.00h Dutch time), noon PST, 3pm EST, 10pm EET. Check your timezone here.
    • 15 minutes light code transmissions
    • Join whenever and as often as you want
    • Donation basis

A sacred space
It’s in this sacred space where you can sense the whirls of sparkling energy and the refined rays of multidimensional light. It’s this sacred space that offers you the opportunity to let go of your fears, dissolve your resistance and surrender to your deep inner power. This sacred space is a grounded base for high frequency beings to assist us in moving into the next stage of our existence. It’s this sacred space that is powerful as a bulldozer and soft & subtle as a new born baby.

You are held in loving arms to be reborn into the new. It’s the miraculous and mystical touch that awakens your wonderful web of light, illuminating your memories of the ever so loving divine being that you are.

Frequency keeper
This new initiative, RELEASE & RELOAD, originates from a deep inner knowing that NOW is the monumental moment to rise and embody your power. You are a frequency keeper, responsible for maintaining peaceful harmony on our beloved Mother Earth. You acknowledge what is going on around the globe, but you don’t submit. You see the darkness as a rich fertilizer for the advancement of the awakening of humanity. You feel the inner urge to rise above the stories to stay connected to the bigger picture of it all. You have been working towards these important times, for months, for years, for lifetimes. Here we are amidst the birth of our beloved NEW EARTH. You are preparing yourself to receive the newborn baby after the painful contractions have faded away.

Let’s get together and step into this powerful vortex of light. We release what no longer serves us and receive the new codes and keys for the evolution of mankind. This is how you can make a difference and help raising the frequency of our collective consciousness.

“Do you realize how important you are? Are you aware that you are as influential as whatever leader on the world stage? You know, the butterfly effect? It can create massive change. Let’s get together and move mountains…”

Imagine a tipi or a warm cave with a fire in the middle. It’s symbolic for the energetic high frequency sacred space that is created for the purpose of this RELEASE & RELOAD initiative. A swirling vortex is spiraling around, moving like a white dragon that is vacuum cleaning anything that is ready to be released. This is not only for you on a personal level, but also for our collective consciousness.

‘Light therapy’
During these RELEASE & RELOAD light code transmissions, your entire being is intensively flushed with light. Call it light therapy if you will.

The high-frequency energies move like laser beams of light through layers of resistance. Each sound journey helps to transform and release deeply rooted ‘old’ energy on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. Lower vibrations then no longer fit in an increased vibrational environment. In this way, space is created to allow your vital energy to glow and flow.

For the coming days and maybe some weeks ahead, I’ll be online available on a daily basis from 9pm to 9.15pm CET (21.00h to 21.15h Dutch time). As a guardian of a very sacred space I’ll share a 15-minute cosmic sounds and light language transmission. With this opportunity you give yourself 15 minutes per day to release whatever energy is ready to go and to receive new keys and codes for your personal and our collective evolution.

  • Every day at 9pm CET (21.00h Dutch time)
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Join as often as you want. If that is every day for the next couple of weeks, great! If that’s ones every few days, that’s also fine. Just follow your inner guidance.

Online space for all the recordings and light code script
After signing up, you will get access to an online space. Within two hours after every transmission, I’ll publish the recording and one page of light code script in that online space. In that way, when you are not able to participate in the live broadcast, you can listen to the replay when it suits you better.

Light Code script
Every day, you receive a page of light code script. These symbols are powerful vortexes and have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity. You can print the script, carry it with you, sit on it during your meditation and/or place it under your mattress at night. Experience for yourself what works for you.

Donation basis
I do this because I’m fully dedicated to being a guardian of our Mother Earth. It’s necessary right now and it is my calling to share the frequencies with everyone who is ready to receive. I’d like to leave it up to you to choose what you feel like donating for this initiative.

I do feel that with these online gatherings we are working towards something quite significant on a global level. What and when? I don’t know. I allow the flow to guide the way.

Please know that, no matter what you decide, you are very welcome in this sacred RELEASE & RELOAD space. The more we gather together, the more powerful it is.

Check out the experiences of people who joined one or more of the sessions and programs that I facilitate.

Please let me know when you have any questions.