Egypt Series | part 1

This series contains of 11 Light Code transmissions with a total duration of 3 hours and 33 minutes (more information below). You are invited to validate this series yourself and choose the donation you’d like to share. My kind suggestion is somewhere between € 44,44 and € 99,99. Thank you 🙏🏽.



Egypt Series

What a journey! I’ve only been in Egypt for one week and so much has happened! It all started with the 44 million year old whales in the Valley of the Whales, Wadi el Hitan. They had told me to first come to them, before doing anything else in Egypt. We travelled into a hall of records where they received me (and everyone listening to the transmission in the future) and shared their hidden wisdom. Then the magic started on Giza Plateau: a plasma pyramid, beams from the top of the pyramid, ground cracking open, vortices, Isis, Lion beings guarding the operation, light ship underneath the plateau. And all of that as a preparation for the final part of the mission: the transmission between the front legs of the Sphinx*. In between all of this I went into the Sahara for two days and was able to connect with the precious Crystal Mountain and Black and White desert. My heart is wide open and I wish you the same. May these transmissions touch you deeply. That’s what it did to me too.

* This transmission is not included in this Egypt Series.

You receive
For an unlimited period of time you receive access to the 11 Light Code transmissions listed below with a total duration of 3 hours and 33 minutes (miraculously divinely timed). This series offers you an opportunity for purification, remembrance and powerful re-activation. Energy will be stirred up so that a deeply rooted re-alignment can take place, that’s what it did to me too.

1. Wadi El-Hitan Fayoum (The Valley of the Whales) | 37.14 min
2. Miracle lake el Fayoum | 2.50 min
3. Between Sphinx and Khefren pyramid | 24.11 min
4. In front of Khefren Pyramid | 4.26 min
5. Great Pyramid – Kings Chamber | 2.23 min
6. Inside the Great Pyramid | 16.10 min
7. Christal Mountain 1 | 16.20 min
8. Christal Mountain 2 | 8.26 min
9. White desert – Underneath the stars | 27.10 min
10. Black desert | 20.02 min
11. Great Pyramid and the golden key | 54.00 min

Expanded multidimensional awareness
Every Light Code transmission is different. Sometimes it might feel warm, soft and relaxing, while at other times it could stir up some raw and deep emotions. The sounds will assist you in revealing realities that were buried deep inside. That way your multidimensional awareness can expand in your present day reality. By joining this journey you say yes to reconnecting, releasing, revitalizing, remembering and restoring deep parts of your soul. You can then live an upgraded version of your already existing potential.

You can see me on the one hand as a representative for our earthly collective consciousness and at the same time a spokes person for (among other things) our ancestors and cosmic star families. A bridge if you will to bring together the cosmic ancestral ancient future wisdom and our present situation on Mother Earth. When they merge, the non-essential structures and programs collapse and the higher vibrational multidimensional wisdom will prevail. New Earth is rising as a Phoenix out of the ashes.

Light therapy
The sounds that come through my voice will intensively flush your entire being. Call it light therapy if you will.

The high-frequency sounds move like laser beams of light through your layers of subconscious. Each cosmic sound journey helps you transmute and release deeply rooted ‘old’ energy on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spirtually. In this way, space is being created and new uplifting vibrations can come into your life.

Multidimensional intelligence
Since the cosmic sounds are a container for healing energies and have a multidimensional intelligence, they provide you with exactly what you need in the moment to connect with your higher knowing and transmute subtle (or less subtle) programs that try to hold onto an illusionary safety. You can listen to the transmissions as often as you want. Every time you listen, you might have a completely different experience.

Check out the Experiences page to read how others benefited from everything I offer.

You are invited to validate this series yourself and choose the donation you want to share with me. As a suggestion, I’d very much appreciate a donation somewhere between € 44,44 and € 99,99.

Please contact me if you have any questions.