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EXPAND your EXPRESSION Intensive (5 days)
Liberating your precious potential and sharing your true voice.

  • Interactive program about exploring and expanding the expression of your true voice.
  • 15 minutes of light language and cosmic sound healing every day for 5 days in a row.
  • The replays are now available.
  • From your home, a place in nature or wherever you feel comfortable.

Are you committed to step up and share a deeper version of you with the world?

  1. Become your own energetic vacuum cleaner.
  2. Let go of restrictive belief systems and dysfunctional inner dialogue.
  3. Re-activate your multidimensional channel.
  4. Manifest your inspiration in the physical reality to assist in and contribute to the present light-speed evolution of our collective consciousness.
  5. Explore new sounds.
  6. Be in service of the world and assist others in dis-covering their inner light.
  7. Unbox yourself.
  8. Retrieve ‘lost’ parts of your soul.

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