FREE Online Mount Shasta Transmission – REPLAY (October 22, 2020)


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Online Mount Shasta Transmission – REPLAY

This Light Code transmission was broadcasted LIVE from Mount Shasta at 2120 meters (7000 feet) altitude at October 22, 2020. I found a perfect spot with this Magnificent Motherly Mountain in the backdrop overlooking our precious online gathering.

This activation is a crown on ‘my’ energy work of the last couple of months in the Shasta area.

‘Full Circle.’

Shasta is known as the first chakra of Mother Earth and one of the seven major energy vortices of the world. Besides, she is a significant multidimensional portal that gives access to Inner Earth and several higher dimensional realms like Agartha and Telos. The veil is so thin here that it is relatively easy to journey into the depth of existence. Her sacred presence causes subtle inner stirring, purification and activation.

By joining in a group, we will all be connected as one big network of light, open to receive the ancient future wisdom with the purpose to assist us in lifting our frequency, both individually and as well as collectively.

Mount Shasta Series – LAUNCH October 27, 2020
On October 27, 2020 a new episode of Mother Earth Speaks will be launched: Mount Shasta Series. During my stay in the Mount Shasta area I’ve recorded a collection of Light Code transmissions that guide you on a deep journey inward. I take you with me while exploring a wide variety of sacred sites. This series offers you an opportunity for purification, remembrance and powerful re-activation. Energy will be stirred up so that a deeply rooted re-alignment can take place, that’s what it did to me too. From a Shasta water blessing to deep womb healing in a pitch dark lava tube and from miraculous magical meadows to a highly sacred divine feminine vortex. I take you on some guided meditations in which you among other things can
merge with a dragon and find yourself in a treasurous energetic healing chamber deep inside the earth… This series is an important part of my energy work, because through sharing these transmissions with you the high vibrational frequencies can be anchored into our beloved Mother Earth.


Colorful cacophony of sounds
While you are comfortably lying down in a quiet room on your own bed or couch, I take you on a multidimensional journey through your subconscious. We move through other dimensions and connect with higher frequencies that help you remember who you truly are in your essence: your multidimensional self. Along the way we encounter energies that are ready for discharge, transformation and upgrades. For an hour you will be showered with a colorful cacophony of light languages (codes of light). Everything is welcome to come to the surface and merge with the light.

This online transmission can contribute to profound inner cleansing, a clear mind, softness and stillness, peace and an open heart. Besides it will attribute on the one hand to be more open to receive the loving high frequencies that are flooding our planet. On the other hand it helps you to stay grounded in these sometimes dynamic moments of energetic expansion.

** Connecting with your Multidimensional Self **
** Revealing Codes of Ancient Wisdom **
** Bringing Light into your Body **

This transmission contribute to:

  • A deeper connection with and awareness of your multidimensional self
  • Revealing new layers of your higher consciousness
  • Surrendering to your souls path and your highest potential
  • Letting your mind be of service to your souls mission
  • Trusting your inner guidance and letting go of the need to understand
  • Living in the moment without wanting to know what comes next
  • Awakening and further developing your inner senses
  • Anchoring light into your body and activating your DNA
  • Clearing lower frequency energies from your cellular memory
  • More clarity with regard to unconscious patterns and beliefs, so that they can be transformed

Listen to the REPLAY
If you cannot participate live in the transmission, you can also listen to the recording at a later time. You’ll automatically tap into the vibratory healing field that has been created during the live session. The effect is just as powerful. In the realms of light codes and light languages, there is no time and space. You will be notified as soon as the replay is published online (some hours after the transmission or the next day).

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