Costa Rica – part 1 – Mother Earth Speaks

I’d like to invite you to validate this program yourself and choose the donation you’d like to share with me. My suggestion is somewhere between € 44,44 and € 99,99.



You have access to 7 transmissions and 7 pages of light code script:

  • Cerro Chato volcano (19.10 min)
  • La Fortuna waterfall (16.49 min)
  • Frogs & snake totem (10.10 min)
  • 400 year old Ceiba tree (12.54 min)
  • Arenal volcano – part 1 (50.44 min)
  • Arenal volcano – part 2 (12.12 min)
  • Arenal volcano – part 3 (45.22 min)

Intention: This profound journey invites you to surrender to the unknown, on a deeper level than before. It results in a more centered and grounded way of being. A deeper sense of feeling at home in your body, at home on this planet, inner peace in your daily life and more unconditional acceptance of what is going on in your inner and outer world.

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