Online Egypt transmission LIVE from Giza Plateau (February 13, 2023)


Join me LIVE from Giza Plateau and let’s see what the Sphinx wants to share.

Since I am paying a few thousand euros for this one hour private visit at the Shpinx, this transmission is a bit different. Feel free to donate whatever feels good for you. I’d appreciate a minimum of € 15,-, and more is also very welcome – just saying 😁.

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Online Egypt transmission LIVE from Giza Plateau | The Sphinx Speaks. (You can also choose to sign up for the Two February transmissions (February 2 & 13, 2022)).

This event took place on February 13, 2023. It was a very special transmission. I booked a private visit to the Sphinx, so that I could sit exactly between the front legs of this precious being. If you have not yet done so, you can read my blog about the process leading up to this moment: Dutch and English.

  • Duration: 53 minutes of transmission and another 47 minutes of talk afterwards.
  • The replay is now available.
  • Contribution: Since I have paid a few thousand euros for this one hour private visit at the Shpinx, this transmission is a bit different. Feel free to donate whatever feels good for you. I’d appreciate a minimum of € 15,-, and more is also very welcome – just saying 😁.

Theme (English):
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‘Cosmic embrace’

You’re invited to sink deeper into surrender. A little scary maybe, but there is nothing to fear. Allowing unconscious illusionary safety measures to dissolve, ready to reach a new unknown. Welcoming the embrace of golden white cosmic wings and allowing them to take you to new realities. Weightlessly floating in a dazzling and astonishing tranquil state of peace. This is home. Completion of some sort. Oneness in the heart. When coming together, the key will appear and unlock what needs to be liberated. A new wave of golden codes will freely flow into the ones that are ready to receive. It has an everlasting ripple effect that touches all life on this planet and beyond. Treasured multidimensional memories from your future self will poor in like a precious liquid diamond light, illuminating your great cosmic potential. Life will not be the same. It’s when the ancient wisdom meets the present that future’s brilliance will blossom.

Theme (Dutch):
‘Kosmische omhelzing’

Je wordt uitgenodigd tot diepere overgave. Een beetje eng misschien, maar er is niets te vrezen. Terwijl onbewuste illusionaire veiligheidsmaatregelen oplossen, ben je klaar om het nieuwe onbekende te ontvangen. Verwelkom de omhelzing van kosmische wit gouden vleugels en laat ze je naar nieuwe realiteiten brengen. Gewichtloos zwevend in een oogverblindende en verbazingwekkende staat van vrede. Dit is thuis. Iets is voltooid. Eenheid in je hart. Wanneer het samenkomt, verschijnt de sleutel en wordt ontgrendeld wat bevrijd wil worden. Een nieuwe golf van gouden codes stroomt vrijelijk naar degenen die klaar zijn om te ontvangen. Het heeft een oneindig rimpel effect dat al het leven raakt zowel op deze planeet als daarbuiten. Dierbare multidimensionale herinneringen van je toekomstige zelf stromen binnen als een vloeibaar diamantlicht en verlichten je grootse kosmische potentieel. Het leven zal niet hetzelfde zijn. Wanneer oude wijsheid het heden ontmoet, zal de briljantie van de toekomst tot bloei komen.

Colorful cacophony of sounds
While you are comfortably lying down in a quiet room on your own bed or couch, I take you on a multidimensional journey through your subconscious. We move through other dimensions and connect with higher frequencies that help you remember who you truly are in your essence: your multidimensional self. Along the way we encounter energies that are ready for discharge, transformation and upgrades. For an hour you will be showered with a colorful cacophony of light languages (codes of light). Everything is welcome to come to the surface and merge with the light.

This online transmission can contribute to profound inner cleansing, a clear mind, softness and stillness, peace and an open heart. Besides it will attribute on the one hand to be more open to receive the loving high frequencies that are flooding our planet. On the other hand it helps you to stay grounded in these sometimes dynamic moments of energetic expansion.

** Connecting with your Multidimensional Self **
** Revealing Codes of Ancient Wisdom **
** Bringing Light into your Body **

This transmission contributes to:

  • A deeper connection with and awareness of your multidimensional self
  • Revealing new layers of your higher consciousness
  • Surrendering to your souls path and your highest potential
  • Letting your mind be of service to your souls mission
  • Trusting your inner guidance and letting go of the need to understand
  • Living in the moment without wanting to know what comes next
  • Awakening and further developing your inner senses
  • Anchoring light into your body and activating your DNA
  • Clearing lower frequency energies from your cellular memory
  • More clarity with regard to unconscious patterns and beliefs, so that they can be transformed

Listen to the REPLAY
If you cannot participate live in the transmission, you can also listen to the recording at a later time. You’ll automatically tap into the vibratory healing field that has been created during the live session.

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