Online Solstice Transmission – LIVE / REPLAY (June 20, 2020)


You can also order the two June transmissions for € 22,22 instead of € 30,-.
– 6/6 Eclipse transmission
– Solstice transmission

Theme: ‘Lightening Bolts.’


Online Solstice transmission (LIVE / REPLAY)

Theme: ‘Lightening Bolts.’

  • This transmission takes place on June 20, 2020.
  • Start: 8:15pm CEST (= 20:15h Dutch time), 11:15am PDT, 2:15pm EDT, 9:15pm EEST. Check your time here.
  • Duration: +/- 60 minutes.
  • Contribution € 15,- per person.

Colorful cacophony of sounds
While you are comfortably lying down in a quiet room on your own bed or couch, I take you on a multidimensional journey through your subconscious. We move through other dimensions and connect with higher frequencies that help you remember who you truly are in your essence: your multidimensional self. Along the way we encounter energies that are ready for discharge, transformation and upgrades. For an hour you will be showered with a colorful cacophony of light languages (codes of light). Everything is welcome to come to the surface and merge with the light.

This online transmission can contribute to profound inner cleansing, a clear mind, softness and stillness, peace and an open heart. Besides it will attribute on the one hand to be more open to receive the loving high frequencies that are flooding our planet. On the other hand it helps you to stay grounded in these sometimes dynamic moments of energetic expansion.

** Connecting with your Multidimensional Self **
** Revealing Codes of Ancient Wisdom **
** Bringing Light into your Body **

Here you can read the experiences of people who went before you.