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Imagine a warm cave with a fire in the middle. It’s symbolic for the high frequency sacred space in which swirling vortex is spiralling around, vacuum cleaning anything that is ready to be released. It’s in this sacred space where you can sense the whirls of sparkling energy and the refined rays of multidimensional light. It’s this sacred space that offers you the opportunity to let go of your fears, dissolve your resistance and surrender to your deep inner power. This sacred space is a grounded base for high frequency beings to assist us in moving into the next stage of our existence. It’s this sacred space that is powerful as a bulldozer and soft & subtle as a new born baby.

You are held in loving arms to be reborn into the new. It’s the miraculous and mystical touch that awakens your wonderful web of light, illuminating your memories of the ever so loving divine being that you are.

379 Guided Light Code Meditations

For 15 months in a row we got together on a daily basis with a group of lovely people, dedicated to share light and dive deep. Our purpose: a personal, planetary & cosmic clean-up. All the gatherings have been recorded so that you can experience what we've experienced... Pure magic ❤️. What happens in the transmissions is beyond words. We travel to many different realms. It all reaches deep into the soul. This 'work' effects your inner wellbeing and has a great effect on the evolution of our collective consciousness.

“My appreciation and respect for all your attention and commitment for all sessions this year. A very nice daily energetic rest & recharge point during all (lockdown) unrest. So welcome and healing 🧘.” - Hannah -

Egypt, Lake Baikal, Telos, Mary Magdalene, Ancestors, Galactic Federation of Light, plasma healing bubbles...

We've traveled to Lake Baikal (Russia) and were invited by the elders of the land to assist in rebalancing the multidimensional portal over there. Ancient wisdom was released during our circle in the Sinai desert. We are regularly in council with the Galactic Federation of Light. We've met with countless ancestors, swam with manta rays and dolphins, danced with dragons, flown with eagles, stepped into the transformative flames of a sacred fire, climbed Mayan temples, entered into golden pyramids, traveled to Inner Earth, received cleansing rituals in Telos, had encounters with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary & Yeshua, experienced advanced off-planetary healing, been initiated by wise elders, gathered in a cave on the land of the Cathars (France), connected with the Black Madonna in Montserrat (Spain)... Just to name a few. And the journey still continues.

""Dear Sandra 🌹. Today the two hundredth broadcast of RELEASE & RELOAD. We have already been able to make many beautiful journeys with you. It feels so good. Sometimes it seems as if we are sitting around the fire together and listening to you. I want to thank you for that. Traveling together to a new beginning, a New Earth. I experience so much connection, so much light, warmth, love and peace. You do it all so intensely, so lovingly. In this way it is just absolutely going to be alright with our Mother Earth.
Thank you Sandra. Soooo much Love 💕 for you." - José -
"Dear Sandra, thank you for the special journeys that we experience with you. For the first time I understand, feel, know that I am a multidimensional being. Such a great gift every evening! The light keeps increasing. It makes me shine. I can radiate it with the world and share it!" - Marjolein -

Frequency keeper

This initiative originates from a deep inner knowing that NOW is the monumental moment to rise and embody your power. You are a frequency keeper, responsible for maintaining peaceful harmony on our beloved Mother Earth. You acknowledge what is going on around the globe, but you don’t submit. You see the darkness as a rich fertilizer for the advancement of the awakening of humanity. You feel the inner urge to rise above the stories to stay connected to the bigger picture of it all. You have been working towards these important times, for months, for years, for lifetimes. Here we are amidst the birth of our beloved NEW EARTH. You are preparing yourself to receive the newborn baby after the challenging contractions have faded away.

Let’s get together and step into this powerful vortex of light. We release what no longer serves us and receive the new codes and keys for the evolution of mankind. This is how you can make a difference and help raising the frequency of our collective consciousness.

"I want to tell you that I am so thrilled with your daily guided meditation and visualization. I notice that it works out very good for me, that the sounds, images and other energies have a cleansing and strengthening effect and establish a strong connection with myself and our tribe. Amazing how warm and powerful this has become, with relatively unknown fellow humans. For me it is also a beautiful structured training in focus and concentration, opening my heart and my energy field, expanding the connection with the multidimensional realms, experiencing the necessity and power of co-operation, and strengthening trust in what is, comes, goes and arises. I am deeply grateful that you do this work and that you share it with me and all of our group and that you keep on doing it again and again (hooray)." - Lorette

'Light therapy'

During these RELEASE & RELOAD light code transmissions, your entire being is intensively flushed with light. Call it light therapy if you will.

The high-frequency energies move like laser beams of light through layers of resistance. Each sound journey helps to transform and release deeply rooted 'old' energy on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. Lower vibrations then no longer fit in an increased vibrational environment. In this way, space is created to allow your vital energy to glow and flow.

"From the beginning I joined this amazing transmissions every night. Slowly, the heaviness in my Being, in my cells, starts to evaporate and is replaced by white Energy and Light. My energy level is rising and the feeling of being connected to every Being in the Universe is beyond belief. Words can not describe the Experience night after night. Thank you so much dear Sandra de Vos for making this possible...💜❤💜 . Thank you so much!!!!" - Marie-Louise -

Online space for all the recordings and light code script

After signing up, you will get access to an online space where you will find 379 replays and 379 pages of light code script. You can listen to the replays whenever you want and as often as you want.

"It was amazing again yesterday and tonight! Everything that no longer serves my soul is shaken loose and rinsed clean. I thank you dear Sandra for your intensely beautiful, loving work. I am already more in my power, everything resonates! What a connection with the source! My gratitude is so great! See you tomorrow!". - Annelies -

Donation basis

I do this because I'm fully dedicated to being a guardian of our Mother Earth. It's necessary right now and it is my calling to share the frequencies with everyone who is ready to receive. I'd like to leave it up to you to choose what you feel like donating for this initiative.

"What an energy again! Delicious those transmissions of yours! The transmission was like a shower of clear energy, it swirled through my head, chakras, whole body. The energy kept flowing throughout the night! Thank you." - Rita -


Check out the experiences of people who joined one or more of the sessions and programs that I facilitate.


Please let me know when you have any questions.

"Dear Sandra, How magical it was again!! I was shaken on all sides, shocked and pulled. A warm 'lava' stream through my upper stomach, pain in my neck with images of psychedelic monsters. It felt like a big clean-up! Delicious! To be continued!!! Thank you thank you thank you for doing this for us 🙏🏼🙏🏼." - Jiska -

"I expressed my intention yesterday to fully commit myself to this and to participate as often as possible. It feels like I really have to, I feel a kind of necessity, a drive, a responsibility and also an honor and intense gratitude for helping the process, wherever that may lead. Thank you on behalf of me, our ancestors and Gaia for facilitating this!” - Rooka -

"Today we should certainly take a moment to consider the hundredth RELEASE & RELOAD transmission of 'our' tribe. Tirelessly you have guided us, strengthened by the countless deep experiences, to special places on our earth: Mount Shasta, Lake Baikal, Egypt, beautiful cathedrals and caves in the South of France and diamond caves close to the heart of Mother Earth, we flew with dragons and eagles, sat around camp fires and immersed ourselves in pillars of Light, floated in plasma bubbles, and so much more. It were adventurous transmissions that penetrated deeper layers. We received Light and were allowed to distribute Light. We healed ourselves and were a support and empowerment to the whole world.
Marianne and I are grateful to you for sharing all of this with us. You are so loving and passionate that we are touched by it every time. Thus the transmissions have become a familiar point in the daily rhythm. Slowly we got to know the participants of the Tribe and we are amazed by the special experiences that are shared after every session. We feel the loving connection with all. Whatever you had in mind when you started the RELEASE & RELOAD transmissions: it is a success. And although the number 100 often means completion, we hope that tomorrow we will make a new beginning." - Tom

"A few months ago I expressed my wish to the cosmos that I wanted to travel more. I did not expect that I would visit the most beautiful places on, inside and outside the earth in these last 2 months with you. So beautiful, so special, thank you 💗." - Rozelinde -

"This greatly helps me to build in breaks during the day. Such guidance is very pleasant and motivating for me." - Kim -

"This was intense, 🔥 I felt deep sadness and tears spontaneously surfaced. Then there was a deep healing. It was everywhere, even in my head and all cells were dancing. It seemed as if I was lifted up. I resonated with your sounds, I felt them throughout my body. Then I was taken into a vortex, there was so much love, 💕 so much beauty! I am in awe. My gratitude to you is immense." - José -

"I am so grateful to you for doing this, Sandra! ❤ I listen to the recordings the next morning or during the day because I facilitate a group myself at 9 pm. I am so happy with all the light workers who guide us and who carry us through this time. ❤🌈✨" - Yvonne -

"Hey beautiful woman, I just listened to all six transmissions in a row, with chakra gemstones on my body. What a trip!!! It was as if I kept diving into infinity. In between every transmission I came back into my body for a moment as if I had come to the surface to take a breath.

There was a big stream of symbols. I had beautiful deep dark pink wings. I was swallowed up by a huge manta ray after which I became part of him. I have flown with a dragon and an eagle. I've seen thousands of flowers bloom. I broke out of a golden egg and was suggested to do more with my creativity. Wow... Thank you so much sister ✨🙏" - Rianne -

"Wow, what a beautiful Light. Thank you Sandra for these wonderful journeys 🌟🙏🏻🌟. The first two days not much happened on a conscious level. Day three was an intense Light bath! After your transmission I was connected to the unity field of Love for a long time ... 💖 Day four ... wow! Everything was shaking, especially around my third eye. Moreover, I heard Light Language that resembled the sounds that recently came through myself spontaneously. Very nice to recognize it! I look forward to today's session. Grateful to be here. Thank you, thank you 🙏🏻. Much love." 🌟🤍🌟 - Leonoor

"It's sooo nice every night, I feel so warm and relaxed afterwards and sleep deeper. Thank you so much! See you again tonight.” - Melissa -

"This is so nice, thank you. It feels so good to do this with a group. The world really needs this. Lots of love💖." - José -

"It felt like an outerspace sjaman healing ritual. Every cell in my body shaked. Not at the same time, but in different areas in different times. Especially my neck and my throat. I just opened totally up to them and send them my love. They gave sooo much love in return... makes me emotional... overwhelmed... Thanks Sandra for this precious gift."
- Erna -