The Voice of the Ancestors

The Voice of the Ancestors

FREE Online Series - 7 episodes

During seven 15-minute transmissions, I am a 'cosmic microphone' for ancestors to share their ancient wisdom which is now ready to be remembered again in our collective consciousness.

While listening to the transmissions, you'll be showered by cosmic sounds & light language. That's the way through which this high frequency wisdom can reach our soul.

Experiment with this light code drawing

Besides the transmissions, I've also made some Light Code Drawings that came through during the recording-process of the transmissions. Specific drawings for specific episodes. You will have access to all of them.

The symbols are a vortex in themselves. They emanate energy that supports your transformation process. Besides they have a strengthening and activating effect on your self-healing capacity.

How to utilize the drawings?

You can print the drawings or set it as background on your phone. Stand on the print(s) for a few moments and experience how your react. You can also place the print(s) under your matrass for additional support, or place your waterbottle on top of it to charge it with high frequencies. Experience for yourself what works for you.

Print the drawing (pdf)