Blog | Out of the closet


Throughout the process of awakening, most (if not all) of us have gotten used to protecting our vulnerable selves, our truth and honesty inside. Hesitant of showing and sharing how you view the world. Scared of being judged and scared of feeling an outsider. To protect yourself against painful feelings of rejection, you only show certain parts of yourself. The rest of you needs to hide inside and stay silent until it is ‘safe’. Waiting for the right moment. Waiting for people to change, so that it is safe to freely share who you are.

Constantly expecting that others won’t accept you (even if it is something super subtle), keeps you small because of your own mindset and energetic imprints. That’s how you keep that reality going. It means that you are actually rejecting yourself. In this dynamic you (subconsciously) believe that safety comes from outside which would then automatically mean that you are dependent on your surroundings to feel safe. What if it is the other way around? As soon as you feel safe inside (yes that requires deep inner work), your experience of the world will adjust accordingly and you will feel at ease to be who you are (to shine!) at any given moment. As within so without.

Bubble of convenience

Of course staying hidden in your own safe bubble can give a sense of comfort. You then don’t have to deal with the fear that comes with being visible. You can then pretend like there is nothing going on and continue in your bubble of convenience. But only for as long as your inner fire allows you to. At some moment you will realise that your safe bubble is an illusion and you are actually afraid of and hiding from your great inner power. This accounts for everyone, also if you’ve already done a lot of inner work. There is always more to explore. Growth pushes you out of your comfort zone over and over again and that most often feels uncomfortable. So if you are postponing your next step and are afraid to come out of your comfortable closet: what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the world to cheer and welcome you with open arms? Well, continue waiting for a bit longer :-). Know that at the end staying small will ‘hurt’ more than the pain that comes with growth. Or maybe better said: your experience of inner freedom that comes with growth is so much greater than when you stay imprisoned in your own illusionary bubble of convenience.

Leaving a legacy

Now Imagine for a moment that you do step out of the closet… and you realise that YOU are actually a great example for many other fellow human beings… Because YOU have the guts to step out into the open and follow your own inspiration… Because YOU surrender to that surging flow inside. Because YOU deal with your fears and move forward. Because YOU say yes to whatever wants to happen through you. Because YOU blow away the dust and allow your soul’s sparkles to freely spread all throughout the world, touching the hearts of whoever is ready for it. And what if you realise that the world actually needs YOUR courage, greatness and inner power to evolve into that long awaited higher state of consciousness.

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