BLOG | Your love for you


Imagine you are your best friend.
Oh, how happy that you found you!
You are the most perfect match.
No matter what happens,
you are forever there for you.

When you are cold, you give your warmth to you.
When you act clumsy, you share your smile with you.
Whenever you feel weak, you can count on you.

You make such an excellent team.
Always been inseparable.
Nothing is ever too much,
since you take care of you.
You really never feel alone,
because you always have you.

Your connection is so deeply cherished.
Oh how much you love you!

Dear beautiful you,
I wish that you remember and discover the beautiful friendship between you and yourself. May you consciously commit yourself to exploring and deepening this precious inner connection, every minute of the day. It gives such a joyful feeling of cosiness, love and togetherness. Pressure and tension will melt in the warmth of tranquility and gentle acceptance of what is. The power that arises will help you feel centered, grounded and flexible in any given moment.


It doesn’t mean that you feel absolutely fabulously fantastic all of the time. You just don’t leave yourself behind when feeling uncomfortable. You acknowledge and accept everything as part of the energetic dynamics of the moment. Open, receptive and curious to what is. Resistance to and rejection of your unpleasant emotions will be an outdated concept of the past. You don’t fight, but invite. You consciously choose to walk this path together: your body and your mind as best buddies. You are like a river bed that gives space to the water to freely flow. You facilitate each other. You don’t judge yourself. And when you do judge, you don’t judge that you judged, because you just forgot not to judge ;-).


Cosy is your magic word. You can ask yourself more than a few times a day: Does whatever I’m doing now contribute to my inner cosiness? If not, then change the way you are doing it or just stop it altogether. It’s so easy to place your children, work and/or partner in the spotlight while you step aside, waiting for your tiny YOU moment. But what if you include yourself in each moment? Making it a YOU moment every instant of the day. And if a part of you thinks all of this is utopia, the following question might be relevant for you: What do you prefer: having a cosy and flowing inner friendship or do you rather prioritise other things and accept that you feel wobbly and out of balance more often than not?


Know that you always have a choice. And if you say yes to you, your common goal could very well be to increasingly experience the most wonderful friendship beyond your greatest imagination. And guess what, that will serve the world in its most optimal way!

I love you,

PS: If you feel you could use some support and guidance in strengthening your connection with you, feeling more at home in yourself, more connected to the cosiness in your heart: I am available for one-on-one sessions in which we go on a deep journey into your subconscious. Old energies can be released, your precious inner connection is strengthened and your multidimensional self is further connected to your earthly body.