Message from the soul

Dear sisters, dear brothers,

So much beauty

So much grace

So much vulnerability

To unify that brings an amazing amount of strength.

Feel your strength

Feel your wisdom

Feel your freedom

Let it all flow through your veins.

We know that life is not always easy

accept that.

We know that we are sometimes fucking scared

accept that.

We know that we almost pee in our pants for taking life to a next level

Go for that!

The only way to feel free

is to accept everything with unconditional love.

The only way to feel alive

is to let life flow through you.

Don’t grasp onto it

for it will diminish.

Trust its flow

and it glows bigger and bigger.

You are beautiful in every sense

You are wise in so many ways

You are YOU and that is your light

Please surrender and stop the fight.

Shine your light

start from within.

Shine your light

let it flow through your heart.

Share your light

and give wings to your love.

Make the world whisper

because it is in awe.

Make the world sparkle

because it feels your love.

Bring peace to the world

because that is what it deserves.

** AHO **


Credits artist: Jozef Klopacka (