The Rise of the White Dragon

You’ve been my a guardian

You promised to protect me
so I couldn’t be misused once again

Thank you…

I bow for you
I honor you

Thank you
for being so incredibly brave

Thank you for giving your everything
to make sure I stayed safe

You are the Black dragon

Now, the times are shifting
I am knocking on your doors

Could you please open your gates?

I am ready now
to step out into the open

I am ready now
to merge with you

I am ready now
to fulfill our purpose

I am the white dragon

Together we are
effortless power

Together we are
life itself

Would you please relax your doors
and allow them to become open wings

So we can fly into the world
open and free

We are One
We have a purpose

We are
the embodiment of love

Let’s spread our dragon fire
and touch the hearts of mankind

We are in Union
We are love


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